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    Which is better, the PS5 Disc or PS5 Digital Edition? Here’s the truth


    Once again, it’s the time of the decade where people are getting ready to buy the next-gen PlayStation console. This time the PS5. Unlike its predecessor, the PS4, the PS5 will launch with two different models: The PlayStation 5 Disc and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Because of this, many PlayStation fans are still undecided about which of the two consoles to buy. If you find yourself in that category, here are some facts and scenarios you should consider before choosing between the two consoles and why the PS5 Disc might be a better option.

    Firstly, every person has a different opinion depending on their situation. Some people might find that the PS5 Disc is better for them, but others might see that the Digital Edition can be the most suitable console for them. But overall, there are many more ways in which the Disc Edition is more suitable for most people to buy… and these are them.

    PS5 Disc vs PS5 Digital Edition: Which has better specs

    One thing people don’t have to worry about when deciding about which PS5 to get is which of the two consoles have better specs. Both editions are built with the same components and should have the same performances when it’s being used. The only obvious difference is that the Digitial Edition does not come with an optical disc drive.

    PS5 Digital Edition vs PS5 Console: Physical appearance

    When it comes to the design and physical appearance, both consoles don’t look the same if you closely pay attention to them. Since the Disc Edition comes with a disc drive, this model will have a bulge at the bottom of the console where you insert the discs at. Unlike the Digital Edition, the Disc model is not symmetrical and might look odd to some as you can see from the image below:

    Cheaper games: PS5 Disc Edition wins

    When it comes to getting the best deal in games, the PS5 Disc Edition is the console for that. Since the Disc Edition takes physical games, you have the opportunity of buying used discs from other gamers on places such as eBay, Amazon, or your neighbor. At the same time, you can sell your games to another person once you finish playing your game and use that money towards a new game. Also, a big disadvantage the Digital Edition has is that if Sony for some reason decides to ban your PlayStation Network account you’ll lose all games or media content you’ve purchased from them.

    PS5 Disc Edition offers more choices

    If money and saving a few bucks once in a while is not a huge factor for you when it comes to deciding between the two consoles, there are more reasons to choose the Disc Edition. At the end of the day, the Disc Edition will offer you more choices with your games. If you do not want to sell your physical games, you always have the option of giving them away to a neighbor or a family member. With the Disc console, you also have the choice of buying 4K movies on Blu-ray and playing them at any time without the need for a fast internet connection. Another huge advantage of the disc model is that if you start enjoying digital games instead of physical games all you have to do is buy your games digitally and use your PS5 Disc as a PS5 Digitial Edition with no inconveniences.

    Resale value: PS5 Disc Edition wins

    Another huge advantage of the disc version of the PS5 is that it has a bigger resale value if you decide to sell it off. When selling your PS5 with a game collection people usually pay more than when you sell just the console by itself. Unfortunately, since digital purchases are attached to your PlayStation Network account, you do not have any choice other than selling the console alone if you’re selling a Digital Edition.

    Data Cap: PS5 Disc Edition wins

    As many of you know, data cap is a practice used by many internet service providers here in the US and in many parts of the world. As time goes on, games are getting bigger and bigger. Due to the size of newer games, it would be impractical to get the Digital Edition of the PS5 if you have an ISP who has a limit on how much data you can use. For example, according to, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare uses about 175 GB of your hard drive. A person who has Comcast Xfinity can only download a game of this size 6.8 times per month before going over their data limit. This will become a huge problem in your household if you own multiple PS5. Download speeds will also be significantly slower if you find yourself in a place far from a PlayStation server.