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    Windows Phone 8 syncing app for Windows 8 and RT released in Windows Store


    Ahead of Windows Phone 8 release, Microsoft has released the application that will transfer files between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT. The Windows Phone 8 application for Windows 8 and RT, My Windows Phone, will manage Windows Phone 8 devices, like iTunes does for iOS devices. Unlike iTunes, the Windows Phone app allow you to transfer music, photos, and videos from the phone to the computer and vice versa. Windows Phone app also tells you how much space each content is taking up. Here’s all you’ll be able to do your Windows Phone 8 with the Windows Phone app:

    Get your music, photos, and videos from your computer to your phone (and vice versa).
    Quickly share things from your phone with Windows 8 apps (like Photos, or Search). You don’t even have to open the Windows Phone app to move things around.
    Automatically save photos and videos you take with your phone to your PC.
    See at a glance how much space you’re using for each type of content, so it’s easy to make sure you never run out of room on your phone.
    Get to to download apps, learn more about your phone, or find it if it’s lost.

    (Windows Store)

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