Verbally instructing a location is finally a thing of the past thanks to Google Maps’s latest feature. The feature will let you share trips and location information with friend in real-time with anyone you wish. At the other end, your friend will be able to see your location on his/her Android, iPhone, mobile web, or desktop computer.

It will be very easy to share your location with another person. To do this, you will have to open the side menu and select “Share location.” After that, you will be asked with whom would you like to share your location with and for how long. And done. Now that person will be able to track you on his Google Maps.

Another feature built-in into this feature is the “Share trip” feature. Thanks to the “Share trip” feature you will be less annoyed by who are always calling you to ask arrival time. When you share your trip with someone, that person will be able to follow you on his Google Maps and see your arrival time.