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    Verizon calls keep dropping? Here’s why it’s happening


    Like with any cell phone carrier, it is not beyond the realm of possibility for your Verizon cell phone to start dropping calls. Call drops can happen even at places that have always had a great reception.

    Unfortunately, a problem like this can be caused by many different factors so it will not be so simple to pinpoint the exact issue. If your Verizon calls keep dropping, especially in your house, here are a few reasons and a few solutions as to why your phone keeps disconnecting calls.

    Check if your phone has a problem

    To avoid wasting time misdiagnosing the issue, let’s first check if the main problem is with your phone and not with Verizon’s network. When your phone keeps dropping calls one of the most common problems is your cell phone itself.

    Phones are very complex and if an important part of the device gets damaged such as the antenna it will not function at all. Additionally, if the phone’s operating system is not working correctly you can also have problems making or receiving calls.

    To check whether the problem is with your phone or not, you can:

    • Check your friend/family’s phone that’s on the same network and see if their phone is having the same issue as yours. If their phone is working fine, then your phone has a problem.
    • Restart your phone. Many bugs in the phone’s OS are resolved when your restart your phone and the phone tries to reconnect to the nearest tower.
    • Reset your network settings. This will solve any problems caused due to a network misconfiguration on your phone.

    Check if the SIM card is defective

    If you have an older SIM card it might be affecting and preventing your phone from connecting to newer/updated towers or certain bands. This will in turn affect your calls and data speeds.

    If you are still using the same SIM card from the 4G LTE era or believe your SIM card is going bad, you should request a SIM card from Verizon. Verizon will provide you with a free SIM card replacement if you call them or request one in one of their corporate stores. Once you start using the new SIM card, your phone will also get provisioned with new network configurations.

    Check if there’s a network outage

    Although wireless network outages happen infrequently, the possibility of you experiencing a network outage is not something we can dismiss. Luckily, Verizon has made it very easy to find whether a network outage is affecting you or not. To find out if a Verizon network outage is affecting you, all you have to do is login into your Verizon Wireless account. After login in, just type “network outage” in the chat box.

    The chatbox will automatically return to you with the latest information on any outage affecting you locally.

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