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    Verizon Unlimited Welcome vs 5G Start: Why it’s worth upgrading


    Recently, Verizon eliminated the old confusing way of choosing smartphone plans. The carrier introduced a new method named myPlan. With Verizon myPlan, new and existing customers can customize a plan based on their desired perks. Previously, Verizon had four different plans: 5G Start, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, and 5G Get More.

    These plans each included different perks. The problem with those plans and the perks is that you were forced to choose a perk package. For example, if you wanted the entertainment package, you were forced to choose the 5G Play More, or the 5G Get More plan. Now, if you chose one of those plans, you would not have been able to choose one of the connectivity perks, which included 1 TravelPass day per month and 600GB of Verizon Cloud.

    With Verizon myPlan, we no longer have that limitation. But is it worth upgrading from your 5G Start plan to a similar Unlimited Welcome customization? Let’s see…

    myPlan Unlimited Welcome vs 5G Start: Perks

    First, we should know that Verizon’s revamped myPlan offers two plans: Unlimited Plus; and Unlimited Welcome. The Unlimited Welcome plan is nearly the equivalent of the previous 5G Start plan.

    These are the perks the two plans offer and how they are similar…

    As you can see, when it comes to perks and features, both plans are nearly the same. The only major difference is that with the old 5G Start plan, you can use Disney+, Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, and Apple Music for free for six months.

    The new Unlimited Welcome doesn’t offer that, but you’ll receive $180 in credit over a 36-month period when porting in a new line.

    Unlimited Welcome vs 5G Start: Prices

    The second most important aspect when comparing these two plans is the prices.

    Although both plans have similar features, they have different prices per line. Below is how much each line will cost as you add more lines to your account.

    LinesUnlimited Welcome5G StartTotal difference
    Unlimited Welcome vs. 5G starts line prices with the $10 auto pay discount.

    As you can see, the new Unlimited Welcome from myPlan is a better deal than the previous 5G Start when it comes to pricing.

    For example, a family of four will save $40 each month by upgrading from the old 5G Start plan to the new Unlimited Welcome plan. On the other hand, a single user of one account will save $10 monthly by upgrading to Unlimited Welcome from the previously offered plan.

    Is it worth upgrading from 5G Start to Unlimited Welcome?

    As seen above, the old 5G Start plan’s only advantage over the new Unlimited Welcome plan is that it offers a six-month trial period for Disney+, Apple Music, and other entertainment services. After six months, those perks will vanish.

    Contrarily, those savings from Welcome Unlimited will remain with you as long as you keep the plan. So at the end of the day, it is actually worth it to upgrade from the old 5G Start plan to the new Welcome Unlimited plan.