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    All PlayStation controllers ever released


    If you have grown with the PlayStation brand, you’ve probably seen most of the controllers Sony has released. But undoubtedly, you are not aware of many more controllers Sony has released for the PlayStation console. In case you haven’t seen them, here are all the PlayStation controllers Sony has ever made and how the PlayStation controller has evolved throughout the decades.

    In total, ever since the first PlayStation came out in 1994 till now, Sony has released a total of 24 PlayStation controllers and accessories. Here are all of them.

    1994 – PlayStation D-Pad controller (SCPH-1010)

    PlayStation 1 Original Controller

    The PlayStation D-pad controller is Sony’s first PlayStation controller. This controller came with the PlayStation One console when it was first released on December 3, 1994. All future PlayStation controllers were modeled based on this controller.

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    1996 – PlayStation Analog Joystick (SCPH-1110)

    The PlayStation Analog Joystick is Sony’s first PlayStation analog controller. This control stick was released on April 25, 1996. In order to switch from analog to d-pad, you have to switch a button to specify which mode you want to play.

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    1997 – Dual Analog Controller (SCPH-1180)

    PS1 Controller

    About three years after releasing the original PlayStation (PS1), on April 25th, 1997 Sony released an improved PlayStation controller called the Dual Analog Controller. The Dual Analog was the first native PlayStation controller to feature Analog sticks (thumbsticks).

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    1997 – DualShock controller (SCPH-1200)

    First DualShock Controller

    The DualShock Analog controller, released November 20, 1997, was Sony’s third iteration of the original PlayStation controller. This time with a new name. Sony called this new controller the “DualShock” controller, a name given due to its two vibration motors inside the controller.

    The DualShock is very similar to the Dual Analog Controller. The only major change is that Sony now readded the rumble motors, which were introduced with the previous Dual Analog Controller and were shortly removed for unknown reasons.

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    2000 – DualShock 2 (SCPH-10010)

    DualShock 2 PlayStation 2

    To match its name with PS2, Sony released the DualShock 2. This controller was first released on March 4, 2000, along with the first PlayStation 2 console to be sold. This controller was very similar to the previous DualShock for the PS1 and only had a few minor changes added.

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    2001 – PlayStation 2 DVD remote control (SCPH-10420)

    PS2 DVD remote control

    One of the reasons the PS2 became so popular was because the PS2 was not just a revolutionary gaming console; it was also one of the best and cheapest DVD players of its time.

    According to one of the first reviews of this remote control, Sony released this remote due to how hard it is to navigate the DVD function of the PS2 using the DualShock controller.

    This control, released on September 27, 2001, was first sold for $19.99. It included the DVD Remote Control, IR Receiver Unit, DVD Player (ver. 2.10) start-up disc, and two “AAA” batteries.

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    2003 – EyeToy (SLEH-00030)

    PS2 EyeToy

    While Microsoft’s Kinect popularized the movement-based gaming technology, Sony was the pioneer of this technology.

    In October 2003, Sony released the PlayStation EyeToy camera. As one of the creators explains, the camera was the first “to translate your body movements into game controls and map your face onto in-game characters.”

    The camera has many basic games for casual gamers, such as Antigrav, EyeToy Play, and Kinetic. Since this was a new concept/technology, the camera did not have complex games like the ones on the Xbox Kinect camera.

    Throughout the years, Sony released two more models of this camera, which added a few improvements and physical changes. These models are:

    • SLEH-00030
    • SLEH-00031
    • SCEH-0004

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    2004 – Singstar Microphones

    Singstar mics ps2

    Another technology Sony pioneered is karaoke-based video games. Sony originally released the SingStar series in 2004 and required the Singstar microphone. The microphone was originally connected to the PS2 via a USB converter. A wireless version with a 2.4 GHz USB receiver was later released in 2009 for the PS2 and PS3.

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    2005 – Buzz! Buzzers

    Buzz controller PS2 PS3

    With the initial release of a new series called “Buzz!“, Sony also developed a new controller for this game. The controller, The Buzz! Buzzer allows players to select the answer for the given quiz.

    Although the original PS2 Buzzers worked fine on the PS3 through USB, on September 22, 2008, Sony released another Buzzer controller for PS3, featuring wireless connectivity.

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    2005/2006 – PS3 Boomerang controller

    boomerang controller

    With the release of the PS3, Sony tried to kill the DualShock controller and introduced a completely redesigned controller with the PS3. This heavily backfired on them. The press and many PlayStation fans deemed this PS3 Boomerang controller uncomfortable and ugly, and Sony forever disappeared this controller and proceeded to release the PS3 with the SixAxis controller.

    2006 – Sony’s BD/PS3 remote control

    Ps3 media remote

    Although not widely popular, Sony released a BD remote that worked with PS3 around the PS3’s release back in 2006. Like the original PS2 remote, this remote allowed you to easily control the Blu-ray disc movies menu.

    In October 2011, Sony released an updated version of this remote for the PS3. It added Netflix functionality and other features.

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    2006 – SixAxis controller


    On November 17, 2006, Sony released the PS3 with a new controller called the “SixAxis controller.” Shockingly, this controller did not feature the vibration motors that made the DualShock controller famous and well-liked by users. Due to an ongoing lawsuit at that time, Sony could not add rumbling motors to the SixAxis controller. Instead, they added a motion-sensing feature similar to the one found in the Nintendo Wii controller. The SixAxis controller was also the first controller to natively use Bluetooth for connection.

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    2007 – PlayStation Eye


    As an EyeToy successor and nearly a year after the PS3’s initial release, Sony on October 23, 2007, released the PlayStation Eye camera. This camera was released for $39.99 alone but was also bundled with a game called The Eye of Judgment at its initial release.

    In addition to being used in many games, this camera also allows users to communicate with each other. The camera allows PS3 users to either video chat or audio chat through the PlayStation Network. The camera also allows users to audio chat during online games, or use it as a headphone replacement.

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    2008 – DualShock 3


    After a year and a few months after releasing the PS3, Sony released its DualShock3 controller and brought the ‘good-old vibration’ back. The controller, released in April 2008, rumbles with certain actions while playing a game. Due to the added rumbling motors, the DualShock 3 is also heavier and sturdier than the SixAxis controller.

    When the controller was first released, few games supported the rumbling feature. Games that supported the rumbling features when the controller was released needed a patch to be downloaded when the game was started on a system connected to the internet.

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    2010 – PlayStation Move Motion Controller

    playstation move controller

    On September 19, 2010, Sony released a motion controller for the PS3. The controller, named the PlayStation Move, was the first standalone motion controller Sony to ever release. The controller requires the use of a PlayStation Eye camera in order to track your movements and transfer them to the game.

    The PlayStation Move controller was initially released for $49.99 and with a handful of games. And even though they were released way before the PS4 was released, this controller is compatible with the PS4.

    Note: The PlayStation Move also had an additional but optional controller called the PlayStation Move navigation controller. This controller was designed to be used in conjunction with the PlayStation Move motion controller and certain types of games.

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    2013 – DualShock 4 (CUH-ZCT1)

    As history repeats, when the PS4 first launched on November 15, 2013, Sony launched the DualShock 4. The DualShock 4 is arguably the second DualShock controller with the most major improvements after the Dual Analog Controller (SCPH-1180) from 1997.

    In addition to a few redesigns, Sony also added new features such as the light bar, headphone jack, and an integrated speaker. One of the most notable features you’ll see on a DualShock controller is its touchpad, a feature that is considered a failure by many.

    Note: Sony later released a minor improved DualShock 4 v2 (CUH-ZCT2) with some minor improvements such as wired communication, lightbar relocation, and more color variations.

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    2016 – PlayStation Camera

    PlayStation 4 camera

    Just like the PS2 and PS3 got their own camera, the PS4 was no exception. Along with the PS4 release, Sony released the PlayStation Camera. This time, they removed the word “Eye” from the name and named it the “PlayStation Camera.”

    Nearly three years later on September 15, 2016, Sony released an updated version of the original PlayStation Camera. This new camera had a completely cylindrical-shaped redesign but did not have any internal improvements or any new features.

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    2016 – PlayStation VR

    PS4 VR

    In 2016, Sony’s next big thing was the PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality). The PlayStation Virtual Reality system was released on October 13th, 2016. At the time of its release, the PlayStation VR system cost $399 while requiring the PlayStation Camera ($50) and a PS4 system.

    Nowadays, you can get a PS VR bundle for $349, which comes with all the required equipment to begin playing it on your PS4 or PS5.

    Note: Although the old PS3 PlayStation Move controller should work fine with the PS VR, Sony released an updated version of the PlayStation Move controller with the PS VR. The updated Move controller comes with a better battery, and it now uses Micro-USB instead of Mini-USB.

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    2017 – PlayStation VR Aim Controller

    psvr aim controller

    A few months after releasing the PS VR, Sony released the PlayStation VR Aim Controller the following year on May 17, 2017. The AIM controller was released as a bundle with the FPS game Farpoint. The controller makes the virtual reality experience even more realistic.

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    2020 – DualSense (CFI-ZCT1W)

    PS5 DualSense controller

    As expected, with the release of the PlayStation 5, Sony introduced a brand new controller. This time Sony got rid of the DualShock name and introduced the DualSense controller. Although it has a new name, DualSense was built based on the previous DualShock 4 controller.

    The controller brings new features, such as a built-in microphone, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback. The DualSense also uses USB Type C instead of Micro B USB.

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    2020 – PlayStation 5 HD Camera

    PS5 Camera

    When the PS5 was released on November 12, 2020, Sony also released an optional HD Camera. This camera is not used for gaming and it’s mostly used for game streamers.

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    2020 – PS5 Media Remote

    sony playstation 5 media remote

    Just like all previous consoles had their media remote, Sony also launched the PS5 with its own advanced media remote. This remote has way more functionalities than Sony’s previous remote controls. The remote allows you to power on the PS5 console, power on the TV, and adjust its volume settings. It also allows PS5 users to navigate through streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify.

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    2023-  DualSense Edge

    In response to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, Sony on August 2022 unveiled its high-end PS5 DualSense Edge controller. The DualSense Edge is an improved version of the DualSense controllers which allows you to customize the controller at a personal level. The customizations include changing stick caps, replaceable analog joystick, and adjustable length of the L2 and R2 buttons.

    Additionally, this new controller comes with a USB-Type C braided cable, which locks to the controller.

    The DualSense Edge controller officially came out on Jan 26, 2023. Since this is a high-end controller, the controller sells for $199.

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    2023 – Access controller

    PlayStation Controller Project Leonardo

    Sony started 2023 by introducing a new controller aimed at helping gamers with disabilities. The controller, codenamed Project Leonardo, is specially designed to help gamers with disabilities. The controller allows disabled players to play their favorite games more easily, comfortably, and longer.

    After announcing it as Project Leonardo at the beginning of 2023, Sony officially released it as the Access controller for the PS5 on December 6, 2023, for a price of $89.