Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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    Video shows iPhone 6 doesn’t bend like the iPhone 6 Plus, Moto X doesn’t bend at all


    If your pocket just got bent over the iPhone 6 and the reports of the iPhone 6 Plus bendgate are scaring you, don’t worry. The iPhone 6 is less flexible than the iPhone 6 Plus and is less likely to bend. A new video from YouTuber Unbox Therapy compares the flexibility of many smartphones including The Moto X, the iPhone 6, HTC One M8, Nokia Lumia 1020, and even an iPhone 5s. As you can see from the video, the guy has a hard time bending the Moto X. The Nokia Lumia is another hard phone to bend although the screen popped out of the chassis a little. Surprisingly, the HTC One M8 – a phone made out of aluminum like the iPhone 6 – did not bend. The screen of the phone, however, got glued-off the frame.


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