Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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PlayStation Vue Apple TV app finally released

As one of the most petitioned feature according to Sony, the company today released its cord-cutting service - PlayStation Vue - to Apple TV customers. The app brings many stunning features...

Apple HDTV Mocked Up: Stunning iTV Concepts Images With Siri Integrated

Apple fans would agree that when (if) Apple release their iTV or a television from Apple, it would be a television that would revolutionize the HDTV industry, the iTV "would just work", and...

Apple TV Gets Software Update 4.4.2 (9A336a), Download Now

Software  Update 4.4.2 for 2nd generation Apple TV is now available. The new update build number 9A336a brings some bug fixes relating to the playback of both audio, video and fast-forwarding and...

Apple to assemble products in Brazil

A Portuguese site reports that Apple has decided its plan to start manufacturing their products in Brazil. This is what it translate(via Google Translate): A new record made by Apple in the Commercial...

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