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How to delete iOS update file from your iPhone, iPad free up some space

Unless you're really going to update your iPhone, there's no reason why you should have the latest update file wasting precious storage on your iPhone or iPad. Apple tries to get as many iOS...

Jimmy Kimmel fool people into comparing two iPhone 5 for an iPhone SE (video)

Want to know what happen when you ask uninformed people to compare two devices they know nothing about it? They say funny stuff. Since the iPhone SE is basically an iPhone...

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: Which is more powerful?

Visually, if you just judge the iPhone SE by how it looks outside, then the first thing that will come to you mind is that the iPhone SE is just an...

iPhone SE announced: 4-inch display, A9 chip, 12MP camera, 4K videos shoot

On Monday, March 21st, Apple announced its long-rumored smaller iPhone, the iPhone SE, during a special event held in Cupertino, California. Although the iPhone SE is smaller than the iPhone 6s, and...

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