Monday, February 18, 2019
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Apple drops Windows 7 installation on New MacBook Pro, MacBook Airs

If you're planing to upgrade to one of Apple's latest MacBook, unlike older MacBook models, the newer MacBook don't have support for Windows 7 installation. Apple has quietly dropped Windows 7...

OS X 10.10 with flat, iOS 7-inspired design: what it would look like (images)

What if Jonathan Ive decide to make OS X more like its baby sister iOS 7, with flat icons design? User interface designer Danny Giebe has designed some concept images showing...

Ideas and products Apple stole (Infographic)

Average consumer who buy Apple products (often referred to as iSheep by Android users) often believe that Steve Jobs is a genius with superhuman mind and invented all features/designs they see on their iPhone, iPad or Mac...

GamStop to start buying and selling used MacBooks

If you're looking to sell your MacBook as soon as possible without caring about getting ripped off, you will soon be able to sell it to GamStop. After starting to sell refurbished iPhone,...

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