Thursday, February 22, 2018
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More disappointed Mac users are defecting to Microsoft Surface than ever, Microsoft claims

It appears that Apple's disappointing (for some) new Macbook Pro is benefiting Microsoft. In a blog post, Microsoft officially announced that November was the month which they received the most sales for Surface;...

Microsoft offends iPad in new Surface vs. iPad TV commercial (video)

Like with previous Microsoft Surface TV advertisement, Microsoft continues to bash Apple's iPad in its latest Surface commercial. The ad compares the iPad 4 and Surface RT hardware size, pointing out...

Microsoft bashes iPad in new Surface TV commercial using Siri (video)

Microsoft's latest TV commercial focuses on bashing the best selling tablet of all time, Apple's iPad. In the commercial, Microsoft started by pointing out how Apple's iPad doesn't have have any...

Microsoft shows how the Surface was made (video)

Want to know how the Surface was made? Microsoft has uploaded a video to their Surface YouTube channel titled "The making of Microsoft Surface", where it is shown how the Surface was created....

How Microsoft Surface Phone would look (image)

Would you buy a Surface phone if Microsoft ever offer it? This concept of a Microsoft Surface 8 from DeviantArt shows a really nice looking phone, that could possibly look even...

Microsoft Surface breaks down during Microsoft event (video)

Surface tablet failed on Steve Sinofsky during Microsoft presentation of the Surface tablet. At least Sinofsky didn't shit in his pant.

Surface for Windows 8 Pro features USB 3.0, 128GB, Mini DisplayPort Video

A second model of Microsoft Surface tablet will be available at a higher price with better specs. Surface for Windows 8 Pro features USB 3.0 -- not USB 2.0 like the Windows RT version of the...

Microsoft airs first Surface TV ad: Surface by Microsoft

Microsoft has posted a TV commercial (Surface by Microsoft) for its new Surface tablet. A tablet that's a unique expression of entertainment and creativity. A tablet that works and plays the way you...

Microsoft Surface tablet unveiled, Windows 8, HDMI, front and rear cameras, USB 2.0

Microsoft today unveiled its major announcement at a press event in Los Angeles. Microsoft unveiled its own-branded ARM Windows 8 tablet named Surface. The Surface tablet is just 9.3mm thick, weighting 1.5 pounds. The tablet also features...

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