Monday, February 18, 2019
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Microsoft to deliver Windows 10 updates using P2P networking

Once Windows 10 arrives, Microsoft will show politicians that peer-to-peer (P2P) communications is not only usable for piracy. Through a leaked version of the latest Windows 10 update, The Verge found...

Why the new Pirate Bay should NOT be trusted, a Redditor explains

For many, the resurrection of The Pirate Bay is the best thing that happened this month of January - they can finally watch movies and TV shows without paying once again....

The Pirate Bay returns online with new logo and less ads

Other torrent sites don't satisfy you as The Pirate Bay did? Don't worry, after being down for almost two months, The Pirate Bay is fully back online for those who wish...

The Pirate Bay returns online, waiving a pirate flag

It looks like the Pirate Bay will was not shut down for ever, the content pirating website is slow it getting back on its feet after getting raided by Swedish police around two...

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