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    How to view Google, Apple Maps location history on your iPhone

    Want to know all places you have gone to with your iPhone? You can easily check all addresses and places you have visited with...

    Google Maps out now in App Store for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices

    iPhone 5 and iOS 6 users not happy with Apple Maps can finally use Google Maps as an alternative. The Google Maps app replaced...

    Alternatives turn-by-turn GPS apps for iPhone 4, iPad 2 or older on iOS 6

    In case you didn't know, Apple decided it would be a great marketing ploy to make turn-by-turn navigation an exclusive feature for iPhone 4S,...

    iOS 6 Maps turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover is not supported on iPhone 4, only iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPhone 5

    Although the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad 1 and even iPhone 3GS are capable of doing turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover in iOS 6, those two...

    Apple removes Google Maps from iOS, now uses Apple Maps with turn-by-turn navigation, 3D, Siri

    Apple today unveiled Maps at WWDC. This new map application will replace Google Maps in iOS. The Maps app has been completely redesigned and many features has been...