Saturday, April 4, 2020
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    Apple to kill 32GB, 128GB storage in iPhone 8, USB analyst claims


    Apple has not always been the best company to dictate the future of storage: the company kept using 16GB of storage as their base model up to iPhone 6s when company like Samsung adopted 32GB of storage as their base model. A new report claims that the upcoming iPhone 8 will only be available in two different storage: 64GB and 256GB. This claims come from analysts at UBS where it also claimed that the iPhone 8 will not cost $1200

    According to the report, published by BusinessInsider, the starting price for the iPhone 8 is likely to be $900 for the 64GB model, and for $100 more, 256GB priced at $1000. The analyst at UBS believe these will be the only two storage options Apple will offer with their upcoming iPhone 8, essentially killing the other two options, 32GB and 128GB.


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