Friday, June 5, 2020
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    Sony to Release PS3 Software Update v3.70, Adding Auto Trophy Sync and More


    Sony upcoming firmware update for the PS3 will add auto syncing for trophies to your online profile. But don’t get too exited if you’re not a PlayStation Plus subscriber, this feature will be available for PlayStation Plus members only. Another feature they have added to PlayStation Plus member is to save your games data online.

    PS3 v3.70

    Now something for non PlayStation Plus subscriber was added as well, and that is a new recommendation feature that lets users recommend PlayStation Store content to friends. This features works by letting you send a link of a PlayStation Store Specific content to a friend. A new category called TV/Video Services that includes videos/movies applications like Netflix, Hulu PLUS, and VUDU has been added as well.

    Two updates for expanded capabilities for 3D Blu-ray movies has been added.

    • 3D support will now be available when accessing Java-based special features on Blu-Ray
    • DTS-HD MA, DTS-HD HR decoding/bit stream output (or lossless audio) will be supported while playing Blu-ray 3D movies.
    • 3D digital photos in MPO format can now be viewed in 3D on the XMB and in the Photo Gallery app.

    No specific date has been mentioned, but the update is expected to come out soon, so stay tuned.


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