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Apple releases tool to disable iMessage, fixes iPhone to Android message problem

iphone 4s AT&T
Ever since iMessage was introduced in iOS 5, those who have switched from iPhone to Android, BlackBerry, or another difference phone platform have faced a huge problem: incoming messages from iPhone users wouldn’t have been received in their new phone unless the phone users sent the message as a regular message. Until now, the only option ex-iPhone users had to to resolve ...

iCloud hacked by 4chan hacker, nude Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande pictures exposed

Kate Upton iCloud leak
On Sunday evening a 4chan user posted a post claiming to have hacked Apple’s iCloud service and obtained hundreds of nude photos of celebrities. He posted a list of  celebrities in which include model Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and others such as: Ali Michael, Ariana Grande, Bar Rafaeli, Becca Tobin, Brie Larson, Hope Solo, Jennifer ...

Hacker removing Activation Lock from iPhone for $150

Activation Lock iPhone
One way Apple has been combating iPhone thief is with their Activation Lock featured introduced in iOS 7. Thanks to this feature iPhone and iPad theft have been greatly reduced. Although many find Activation Lock the best thing Apple has made in a long time, Activation Lock have been a nightmare for many people. People who purchase used devices online, Craigslist or on the street ...

Apple unveils iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad with a ton of new features

iOS 8 iPhone 5s
As with every June, Apple today unveiled its latest mobile operating system for their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The company’s CEO Tim Cook unveiled iOS 8 during their WWDC 2014 keynote in  in San Francisco, California. Unlike iOS 7 which brought a completely redesigned iOS, iOS 8 has the same design as iOS 7. iOS 8, however, has many new features, new apps, and tweaks ...

How to bypass iPhone activation lock in iOS 7

iOS 7 iPhone 5
Did you just steal an iPhone for crack money without realizing it had iOS 7 on it? Or perhaps you bought an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without knowing it had an iCloud account activated in it. If you buy a used iOS device like an iPhone from Craiglist or the street , and it has iOS 7, the chances of having an iCloud account associated with it are high. When an iOS device has an ...

Apple’s new iCloud ad: iCloud Harmony (video)

Apple has just posted a new advertisement for its ‘magical’ iCloud service that can be used in any iOS device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or a Mac computer. The 31 seconds TV commercial shows iCloud being easily used on an iPhone 4S to purchase a song and then the song automatically getting downloaded on an iPad and a Mac Air. The ad also demonstrates iCloud ...
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