iPad mini books inside boxBuying an iPad or an electronic device this holiday season? You better be careful if you pay for the device in cash and not credit card, especially if purchased from Walmart. Like many others, a guy has been scammed by Walmart. A Florida resident who purchased an iPad mini from a Walmart store in Lakeland, Florida received two books inside the iPad box instead of receiving the tablet. Instead of resolving his problem and giving him a real iPad, the managers of the Walmart store allegedly said “they couldn’t do a thing and were very disrespectful.” Since he did not buy the iPad directly from Apple, when calling Apple, the company could not do anything to solve his problem.

So how did the guy end up with two books inside a new sealed iPad box? What most likely happened was that someone previously bought the iPad, took the iPad out of the box replacing it with the two books, then reshrink wrapped the box and returned it to Walmart. Despite having the receipt Walmart does not want to replace or refund him for the iPad.