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    Windows 9 Enterprise won’t have Metro interface, might be free for Windows 8 users


    Windows-8.1-Update-1-start-buttonWZor, a longtime and well-known Microsoft leaker from Russia, today revealed that Microsoft is getting rid of their infamous Metro interface in Enterprise and Server edition of Windows 9.

    The leaker also revealed that since Microsoft is having a hard time convincing Windows XP users to upgrade to a newer OS, the company will have an “awesome” offer for them to upgrade. XP users won’t be the only one who will receive upgrade offers from Microsoft. According to WZor, Windows 8.1 users will also receive an special offer allowing them to upgrade for free for a limited time. Computer builders or those that bought the retail, OEM version of Windows 8 will allegedly be able to update to Windows 9 for just $20.

    WZOR has further revealed that a special Technical Preview build of Windows 9 Enterprise  has been released to testers but there will be no Preview of the OEM version of Windows 9 Pro available to the public. A Windows 9 RT preview was also created for ARM processors but the preview will only run on Microsoft Surface 3.

    It’s also said that Windows 9 will have support for 4K UltraHD TV panels. The OS will also allow users to back their system image to the cloud, letting users to completely backup their computers’ system files and settings to the cloud. Another feature WZOR reports Microsoft is working on is “Cloud hypervisor” which allow users to “virtualize backups of physical systems in the cloud.”

    (Via MyCe)


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