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    10 Best phones under $200 you should buy


    A few years ago, if you did not own a $400+ smartphone, you would’ve likely owned a cheaply-made Chinese Android cellphone. Those cheap Chinese Android smartphones would usually freeze to death or unexpectedly die at any given time.

    Thankfully, premium smartphones are now cheaper and better than ever. With just $200, you can get an extremely well-built smartphone (smooth apps, not freezing) from any respectable brand that will last a few years.

    Brand-new budget phone or used flagship phone? Although brand-new budget phones are pretty decent, I recommend you buy a premium older phone, either refurbished or used in good condition.

    With that being said, here are the ten best-unlocked phone brands and models under $200 I’ve found for you. The list includes brand-new budget phones and older flagship devices.

    1. iPhone Xs

    iPhone XS best smartphone for seniors
    • Major features: 5.8-inch OLED HD display, Powerful A12 Bionic Chip, dual camera system, Face ID, eSIM, dual sim, All-Screen Design, wireless charging, water resistance, iOS 17
    • Colors: Gold, Space Gray, Silver
    • Storage capacity: 64GB, 256GB, 512GB
    • Price range: $150 – $200
    • Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    Let’s start with the iPhone… as it’s the most desirable smartphone in the world and the one I have always used.

    If you are into iPhones more than Androids and your budget is $200, then the iPhone Xs is the best iPhone you can get. Although released in 2018, the iPhone Xs is still a powerful device packed with a ton of premium features. These features include an updated camera system, improved water resistance, an improved high-resolution screen, and a very efficient processor.

    Most importantly, Apple is still supporting the iPhone Xs with software updates. You will get most of the software-based features Apple has recently released in the latest version of iOS.

    Since the Xs is no longer in production, you must obtain it from a third-party seller such as Amazon, eBay, a friend, or an acquaintance.

    Buy From: | eBay

    2. Motorola Moto G 5G

    Moto G 5G phone under $200
    • Major features: 5G internet speeds, 6.5″ HD display, 120Hz refresh rate, 48MP camera, two high-quality stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos spatial audio, two days on a single charge, microSD card slot, fingerprint sensor, 4GB of RAM, unlocked for global use
    • Colors: Ink Blue, Harbor Gray
    • Storage capacity: 128GB
    • Price range: $100 – $170
    • Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    Okay, now that we got the iPhone out of our way, let’s focus on the best Android phones under $200… starting with the Motorola Moto G 5G.

    If your budget is $200 or less, the Moto G 5G should be the first phone to consider. Firstly, at $170, this phone costs less than $200 while giving premium value. As a budget-friendly phone, this phone will not disappoint you in any way.

    One of the most liked features of this phone is that it can last up to two days on a single charge, thanks to its 5000mAh battery. Another fantastic feature that this budget-friendly phone has is its screen. This phone’s screen is not cheap by any means.

    The phone has a 6.5-inch HD display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Because of this, you will not experience any lag or freezing with the Moto G 5G. Additionally, with its 48MP camera system, you will not have any problems taking clear HD pictures in any environment.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    3. Galaxy A15 5G

    Samsung Galaxy A15 budget phone
    • Major features: 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, 90Hz refresh rate display, three-camera system, 5G internet speeds, 4GB of RAM, 13MP front camera, fingerprint sensor
    • Colors: Blue-Black, Light Blue, Yellow
    • Storage capacity: 128GB
    • Price range: $180 – $200
    • Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    When it comes to quality, Samsung has demonstrated that it is the Apple of Android. You cannot go wrong with a Samsung device.

    Samsung has the Galaxy A15 5G as their budget phone. This phone is packed with plenty of features that make it difficult to call it a budget phone. To begin with, the A15 5G has a 6.5″ Super AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. This display has Samsung’s new Vision Booster technology that improves colors and visibility. The Full High Definition display makes the device feel and look like a premium +$400 device.

    Thanks to its 90HZ refresh rate, you will not have lag problems when using the device. The A15 5G can comfortably be used for gaming, entertainment, school, and work activities.

    If you love taking pictures, this phone will blow your mind with the image quality. The phone has a three-camera system comprising a 50MP primary camera, a 5MP ultrawide camera, and a 2MP macro camera. The front has a 13MP camera for video calls and selfies.

    The A15 5G supports fast charging using a 25W USB-C charger. Its 5000mAh battery will last up to two days on a single charge.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    4. Moto G Power 5G

    200 dollar Android phone Moto G Power 5G
    • Major features: 5G cellular speeds, 6.5-inch full HD+ display, 120Hz refresh rate, thin bezel, 5000mAh battery, 50MP main camera, high-quality audio speakers, 6GB of RAM, Fingerprint reader, Face unlock, microSD card slot, full HD front camera, headphone jack
    • Colors: Mineral Black, Bright White
    • Storage capacity: 256GB
    • Price range: $130 – $200
    • Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    Another great budget phone you can buy from Motorola is the Moto G Power 5G. Motorola is making a great effort not to disappoint the budget phone market.

    The Moto G Power 5G is more expensive than the Motorola Moto G 5G for several reasons. Firstly, it has 256GB of internal storage, which is more than enough for the average user. The Power 5G also has 6GB of RAM and a 120HZ refresh rate display. Because of these two main features, the phone will not be laggy while being used for any purpose.

    Unlike its cheaper brother, the Power 5G has a clearer, brighter full HD+ display. You won’t have issues using typical features like talk-to-text, watching YouTube, or even light gaming. Like with its massive 256GB storage, its battery life will not disappoint you either. The phone is powered by a 5000mAh battery, lasting up to two days on a single charge.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    5. iPhone SE 3rd Gen

    iPhone SE under $200

    Major features: 5G cellular data speeds, great battery life, Smart HDR 4, tough & durable build, water resistance, Home button, Touch ID, NFC, Apple Pay, wireless charging
    Colors: Midnight, Starlight, Red
    Storage capacity: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
    Price range: $154 – $223
    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    Back to the iPhone: you can never go wrong with an iPhone!

    Although the iPhone Xs should be the most reasonable choice for an iPhone under $200, the second best choice is the 3rd-Gen iPhone SE. Even though the iPhone SE is a premium device compared to budget Android phones, the SE is equivalent to a budget iPhone.

    But don’t get it wrong! The iPhone SE does not carry major issues found in budget Android devices, such as long-term reliability, quality control problems, or long-term support from the manufacturer.

    The iPhone SE is powered by the A15 Bionic chip, the processor Apple used in the iPhone 13 Pro lineup. The iPhone SE also offers near-field communication and IP67 water resistance, two very rare features on budget Android devices.

    The phone has a 4.7-inch LCD screen. While this might be a dealbreaker for many people, it’s the perfect size for people looking for a phone with a smaller screen.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    6. Galaxy S21 5G

    Cheap Samsung Galaxy S21 5G under $200

    Major features: New camera design, 8K video recording, 6.1-inch AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate, 5G speeds, 64MP main camera, 10MP front camera, 8GB of RAM, fingerprint sensor, 4,000mAh battery, IP68 water resistance, PowerShare, NFC, Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, MST
    Colors: Phantom Violet, Phantom Gray, Phantom Pink, Phantom White
    Storage capacity: 128GB, 256GB
    Price range: $180 – $215
    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    As I initially suggested, picking up a used (in good condition) or refurbished older flagship device is better than buying a brand-new budget phone. If we go this route, the perfect older flagship we can buy is the Galaxy S21 5G. This is if you don’t like iPhones.

    The Galaxy S21 5G is a premium phone from Samsung with all the major features you can find in any latest flagship device. This includes water and dust resistance, 8GB of RAM, 8K video recording, and an AMOLED screen. Additionally, the Galaxy S21 5G has Samsung’s PowerShare. This feature lets you use the phone’s battery to charge other Samsung devices.

    The Galaxy S21 5G was $800 when released, but you can now get it for $200 or even less.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    7. Nokia G400 5G

    Nokia G400 5G cheap Android phone
    • Major features: 6.58-inch HD+ display @ 120HZ, 48MP rear three-camera system, 16MP front camera, two days battery life, fast charging, 5G mobile connection, stock Android, Gorilla Glass 3, 3.5 mm headphone jack, NFC Supported, fingerprint sensor, Face Unlock
    • Colors: Meteor Grey
    • Storage capacity: 64GB (expandable via microSD)
    • Price range: $70 – $150
    • Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    Not everything has to be Samsung and Motorola. Nokia is still making great phones for its niche audience. Currently, the best Nokia budget phone you can buy is the G400 5G.

    The Nokia G400 5G is a nice-looking built phone with a 6.58-inch display. The display has a 120Hz refresh rate with 1080×2408 FHD+ resolution. Nokia did not cheap out with the built quality of the phone. The phone is built on a sturdy aluminum frame and uses a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for the display.

    This phone has two massive advantages over other budget phones. The first one is that it runs on stock Android. This means you will not get a bunch of useless bloatware or preinstalled apps. The second is that it supports Near Field Communication for contactless payments.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    8. Pixel 6a

    Google Pixel 6a phone under $200
    • Major features: 6.1-inch OLED display, Always-on, Google Tensor chip, dual rear camera, 5G data, 4,306 mAh battery, 6GB of RAM, Titan M2 security coprocessor, 4K video recording, fast charging, Dual SIM (w eSIM), NFC, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, IP67 water resistance, fingerprint sensor
    • Colors: Chalk, Charcoal, Sage
    • Storage capacity: 128GB
    • Price range: $170 – $305
    • Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    We can’t talk about Android phones and not mention the Pixel brand!

    The Pixel 6a is a midrange phone from Google with most of the features you can find on a +$800 premium device. This phone’s biggest advantage is that it runs pure Android straight out of Google’s mouth. It does not use a reskinned Android version as other phone manufacturers do. Because of this, you will not be left behind once a newer version of Android gets released.

    People who use this phone daily are amazed at its battery life, camera, and clear, bright screen. Another reason this phone is distinguishable is how nicely it fits any clothing pocket or bag.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    9. Galaxy A53 5G

    Samsung Galaxy S53 under $200

    Major features: 120Hz, 6.5″ Infinity-O display, 32MP front camera, 5000 mAh battery, super fast charging, 5G connectivity, three-camera system, 64MP main camera, Game Booster, 6GB of RAM, microSD card slot, IP67 water resistance, on-screen scanner
    Colors: Black, Blue,
    Storage capacity: 128GB
    Price range: $130 – $190
    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    The Galaxy S53 5G is another Samsung phone that won’t disappoint you. This is a midrange phone that can be purchased for the price of a budget phone if you look in the right place.

    The phone’s design is closer to a premium than a budget phone, thanks to its 6.5-inch AMOLED screen. It also has a 5000 mAh battery, typically reserved for phones in the $800+ price range. This battery should give you approximately two days of light use on a single charge. The S53 5G will also receive software updates until 2026.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    10. Bold N2

    Android phone under $200 Blu Bold N2
    • Major features: 6.6 FHD+ AMOLED screen, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 5G speeds, 8GB of RAM, 64MP main camera, 16MP front camera, 4,200mAh battery, Quick Charging, Face unlock, fingerprint unlock,
    • Colors: Cyprus Teal
    • Storage capacity: 256GB
    • Price range: $160
    • Buy From: Amazon

    The Bold N2 is a beautiful phone made by a little-known company, Blu. The Bold N2 is built out of aluminum housing, making it look and feel like a high-end device; no one would guess this is a budget phone.

    The phone has a beautiful 6.6-inch bright AMOLED screen. With its 8GB of RAM, you will not feel the need to buy a $800+ phone.

    Buy From: Amazon

    Best overall phone under $200: iPhone Xs

    iPhone Xs Max OLED

    If you do not care whether the phone runs on Android or iOS, the iPhone Xs is the best unlocked phone you can buy for under $200. As I recommend from personal experience, you should buy an older flagship device rather than a new budget phone. There are several reasons that you should get an iPhone Xs if you are looking for a phone under $200:

    • Apple releases software updates with new features for this phone every year.
    • The phone still competes with high-end Android phones released this year.
    • You can take the phone to an Apple Store anytime for repair.
    • The iPhone Xs runs smoothly with Apple’s latest software update, iOS 17.

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay

    Best Android phone for under $200: Galaxy S21 5G

    If you do not like iOS or iPhones and would rather have a Samsung device, the best Android or Samsung phone you can get under $200 is the Galaxy S21 5G. This phone is relatively new and still has support from Samsung.

    • Premium hardware quality
    • Support from Samsung
    • Software update from Samsung
    • It can be cheaply purchased
    • Will meet your daily needs more than enough

    Buy From: Amazon | eBay