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    How good is T-Mobile service? New study says they’re the best


    Before the mid-2010s, T-Mobile was the laughing stock of cell phone carriers. Since then, T-Mobile has completely changed this scenario with network improvements and business acquisitions. On 2020, the carrier surpased AT&T as the second largest mobile carrier with 98.3 million total customers.

    If you used T-Mobile a few years ago or a decade ago, you probably have PTSD on how bad T-Mobile was. The carrier had bad speeds and even worse coverage. So you’re probably wondering if T-Mobile is any good these days.

    The answer is yes. T-Mobile has significantly improved over the years, which is why it surpassed AT&T. The carrier even bought Sprint, a competitor that was way bigger than them at a certain point.

    Independent study confirms T-Mobile is the best carrier

    T-Mobile good carrier

    The latest results from independent analysis firm OpenSignal show that T-Mobile is the greatest carrier in the US across various metrics. The results of the analysis conclude that T-Mobile is better than AT&T and Verizon in eight different metrics out of 15, which include:

    • Video experience:
    • Live Video Experience
    • Games Experience
    • Download Speed Experience
    • Upload Speed Experience
    • 5G Download Speeds
    • 5G coverage Experience
    • 5G Availability
    • Consistent Quality

    T-Mobile ranked first for streaming video content. The research firm gave T-Mobile 62 points on a 100-point scale, which put them in the “good” category.

    Streaming live videos on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram is another category in which T-Mobile took the lead. T-Mobile scored 59.3 points on the scale, placing them in the “Excellent” bracket for live streaming content.

    Those who paly online multiplayer games on their mobile device, T-Mobile is the best carrier according reaserch.

    And overall, the most important metrics of the study, T-Mobile is proved to have the best 5G download speeds of the thre carriers by large margins. T-Mobile users were shown to enjoy an average download speed of 204.9Mbps.