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    Gadget hardware mods

    Light Up Apple Logo on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with ‘Luminescent Logo Mod Kit for iPhone 4/4S’

    MacBook owners can tell you how nice it looks when the Apple logo glows on the back of the computer. Now the same thing can be...

    5 Stunning iPhone Mods

    The iPhone has many mods that can make the iPhone look more cooler and more unique from other iPhone devices. A lot of this...

    This Case Allows Two Different SIM Cards In Your iPhone 4/ and 4S

    Peel, the creator of the universal remote for iPhone and iPod touch, is bringing something new again. Peel is working on the Vooma Peel PG92 --...

    Tribute Steve Jobs On Your iPhone 4S/ 4 With ‘iPhone for Steve’ Rear Panel Mod

    This mod for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 would be one of the best tribute to Steve Jobs. The commemorative Steve Jobs iPhone back...