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    WiFi Calling down for all Verizon customers, carrier refuses to acknowledge it


    If you live in the city with great coverage from all major carriers, Wi-Fi Calling is most likely a feature with no significant importance to you. On the contrary, Wi-Fi Calling is one of the most necessary features for those living in a rural area or an area with little to no cellular cell coverage. This is because instead of having no communication due to having no cell coverage, Wi-Fi Calling reroutes your calls and texts over a WiFi network instead, for free.

    Unfortunately, Verizon customers appear to be suffering from a Wi-Fi Calling outage. Although Verizon has yet officially acknowledged that there are some problems with their network, a huge amount of customers are posting on social media that Wi-Fi Calling is not working for them. A few users have commented on Reddit that Verizon representatives have tried to make them reset their phones instead of admitting that there are issues with the service. One user wrote:

    No jokeā€¦ I was on with support and they tried to get me to run through resetting my phone. I pushed back and indicated that I had already located on social media that there are reported issues and they were basically “oh yea, I guess there’s that thing that has been going on since 5am yesterday morning, we’ll maybe have it fixed soon”.

    So support KNOWS there are issues, but would rather try to get you to reset your device for no reason rather than admit that there is a problem to someone who spent X number of minutes waiting on hold to get answers.

    Verizon’s official community board is also filled with users complaining about WiFi Calling. “I’m having the exact same issue. This is really frustrating, I have a thousand dollar phone (iPhone 12 Pro) that can’t make reliable phone calls because of poor cell coverage and even the wifi calling option doesn’t work! Absolutely ridiculous.” One user wrote.

    Twitter also appears to be filled with angry Verizon customers reporting that WiFi-Calling is not working. Even as Verizon’s support account has responded to many of those angry customers, they have yet shown any signs that the problem might be on their end.

    And according to, this outage’s been reported across the nation; it’s not just limited to some regions.