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    How to unlock any Verizon phone for free


    Half a decade ago, if you wanted to have your phone by your carrier, it was a huge hassle. All major carriers made it very difficult to get your phone unlocked in order for you to stay with them. Now, it’s very simple to request an unlock code from Verizon or from any carrier committed to CTIA’s  Consumer Code for Wireless Service. Anyhow, if you own a Verizon phone and would like to unlock it to use it on another network, here’s how to do it. Although the procedures are a bit different from iPhone and Android devices, it’s not that complicated to do.

    Verizon unlock policy

    Luckily, Verizon is pretty straight-forward with their unlock policy; it’s also the easiest carrier to get your phone unlocked from. To get your phone unlocked from Verizon, you literally don’t have to do anything. Verizon’s unlock policy states that they will automatically unlock your device after a certain amount of time depending on your situation.

    Postpay devices: Your device will be automatically unlocked 60 days after it was purchased from Verizon. If the device was purchased from an authorized Verizon retailer, the 60 days countdown will begin once the device gets activated, not at the date it was bought.

    Prepaid devices: If you bought your device as a prepaid device for a prepaid Verizon account, your device will be automatically unlocked after 60 days of being activated.

    Verizon will not unlock your device if it has been either reported lost, stolen, or purchased through fraudulent activities.

    Unlock Verizon iPhone

    As it’s always been, Apple has never required iPhone users to enter an unlock code into their cell phones in order to have it unlocked. After 60 days, Verizon will automatically submit an unlock request to Apple for your device. Once the process is done, you do not have to do anything other than inserting a non-Verizon SIM card into your iPhone. The iPhone will automatically connect to Apple’s server and unlock itself.

    Unlock Verizon phone without the code

    As of now with Verizon, it appears that Network Control Key (NCK) or unlock codes are a thing of the past. After the 60 days period, even if you own an Android device, Verizon will remotely unlock your device. Previously, remote unlock was limited to iPhone devices and non-iPhone users had to enter an unlock code provided by each individual cell carrier.

    Can a phone be unlocked prior to 60 days?

    Officially, there’s no way to get your Verizon device unlocked prior to the 60 days policy unless you’re in the military. However, you can send try talking to a customer service representative and they might help you out. If you find the right rep, they will make an exception for you and bend the rules to help you out.