iPhone 4sideApple’s iPhone 4 is the new Windows XP. The iPhone 4 will be placed in assembly line once again to be sold in poor countries including India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Citing three senior executives with direct knowledge of Apple’s plan, The Economic Times reports that the iPhone 4 will be reintroduced in order to regain market share in those markets, which were lost due to not having a cheap phone available like Samsung already does with the Grand and its S4 Mini.

The maker of iPads and MacBooks is betting the lower price point will help it wrest volumes from Samsung’s Grand and S4 Mini, and recoup market share that has slumped, largely because it didn’t have phones that were cheap enough.

Apple stopped selling the iPhone 4 on October of last year from all of its market when they launched the iPhone 5s and 5c. The iPhone 4 will be the first iPhone Apple has reproduced after being discontinued. After reproduction, the iPhone 4 will be sold for Rs 20,000 ( $320). Current iPhone 5s and 5c model have bot gained significant market share in India due to its high price, the 5s costing Rs 53,500 ($855) in its starting price and 5c costing 41,900 ($670).