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    Improve your iPhone, iPad security with these Cydia apps


    By Apple patching all jailbreak releases, many people believe that jailbreaking their iOS device it will make the device completely insecure. This is not true unless you are Barrack Obama. You can actually make your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch more secure by jailbreaking it if FindMyiPhone is not enough for you. After jailbreaking your device, in Cydia you can find many tweaks and apps that will make your device more secure, and here are some of those apps.

    1. iCaughtU Pro

    iCaughtU Pro

    If you really want to protect your iPhone, or iPad in case a thief steals it and FindMyiPhone doesn’t have enough features for you, then iCaughtU Pro will be one of the most essential apps you should get from Cydia. With iCaughtU Pro, the device can be set to take a picture of a thief or anyone who enters the wrong password and will send that picture back to your email address. Like FindMyiPhone, iCaughtU also sends the location and map of where the pictures was taken. This apps also offers many other security features like remote commands and fake mode, which allow you to control the device remotely. iCaughtU Pro can be purchased from BigBoss, a default repo, for $2.50.

    2. AppLocker

    Many people hate when their friends/family use their phone and start opening all apps, especially apps with personal information like Facebook or Twitter. With AppLocker you can password lock any application, folder, homescreen icons with session locking in your iOS device. The tweak can disable its password protection when connected to your home WiFi. AppLocker is available on ModMyi (default repo) for $0.99.

    3. Powerguard


    Another security feature that Apple should include in FindMyiPhone is to require a password to turn off the phone. If a thief steal your iPhone and turn it turn off immediately, FindMyiPhone or any tracking software will become useless. Fortunately, if your iPhone is jailbroken you can set a password to be required in order for it to be turned off. You can do this by purchasing Powerguard from Cydia for $0.99. Powerguard will let you set a password after sliding to power off the phone. After you download the tweak, it will let you configure the password from