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    iPad multiple users: Here’s how it should look (images)


    iPad multiple usersOne of the things that make a laptop more personal than an iPad is that you can have multiple users on a laptop, each user having their protected files under their name. On an iPad, once someone pass the lock screen all your files are shown. This is a feature many iOS users have requested: to have multiple users on their iOS devices for more privacy. This have lead a developer to create a tweak named GuestMode which allows user to add a guest mode to their device, hiding apps and personal files from the guest. But how would it look if Apple introduce multiple users to the iPad like the one found in OS X and Windows OS?

    This new concept image from and shows how multiple users would look and work if Apple natively add it to iOS 7 in the future. The concept obtained its inspiration and have a similar look to OS X.

    iPad user

    After selecting user and sliding to unlock, the user enter the password of the selected account:

    iPad user unlock

    Here it shows a list of users registered on the particular iPad:

    iPad multiple accounts


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