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    New iPhone GuestMode tweak keeps your nosy girlfriend from personal files


    Nosy girlfriendEveryone has nosy (or two) person in their life. They ask you to let them use your phone to play certain game or browse the web, but they end up reading your text messages, checking your emails, photos, or checking your Internet history. This is very annoying and sometime you don’t want to deny them the use of your phone to not feel like a douchebag. Luckily, and thanks to jailbreak/Cydia, there’s a new tweak to prevent those people from looking at personal files on your iPhone.

    GuestMode from iOS developer Ian Burns, is a tweak that protects your privacy when letting other people use your iPhone. The tweak lets your disable apps such as messaging, photos, WhatsApp, or Facebook, any app installed on your iPhone. GuestMode aslo give you the option to add restrictions to the phone while in GuestMode. A restriction that it lets you apply is to disable the camera while the user is on the lockscreen. It also allows you to set one Safari tab only while the guest is on Safari. Many phone features such as Siri, app swithcer, Spotlight, Notification Center, and Control Center can be disable trough the tweak as well.

    iPhone GuestMode

    In GuestMode, you have the option to allow certain apps to open while the nosy is in GuestMode. This can be done by going to Settings> GuestMode> Enabled Apps. From there you can select which applications the guest is allow to open.

    You can download the GuestMode tweak from Cydia BigBoss repo, which is a default repo, for $0.99.


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