Monday, February 18, 2019
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Netflix On Us: Everything you need to know about your free Netflix account

On September 12th, T-Mobile surprised their customers when they announced that it will give a free Netflix account to all qualifying customers. This comes after the carrier made an exclusive new partnership...

Netflix is now free for all T-Mobile One customers

On Wednesday, T-Mobile made an unbelievable announcement: all of their T-Mobile One family plans will receive a Netflix account completely free at no extra cost. As the carrier announced, "Through an...

Netflix pays AT&T to stop them slowing down their videos

AT&T customers should now notice a buffering reduction when streaming movies on Netflix thanks to an agreement between the video streaming company and AT&T. AT&T has joined the list of providers which includes...

The fastest internet service providers in the US

In the US finding a good ISP depends on your location. Many Internet service provider are unreliable and slow. If you want to check which are the most reliable and fastest...

Netflix app now supports Retina display on new iPad (3)

If you own the new iPad then you love the Retina display in the new iPad. And as we know, developers have to update their apps if they want their iPad to look good...

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