Monday, January 17, 2022
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    multiMAN update 04.02.02 released to download


    Deanks, multiMAN  developer, has released update 04.02.02 for his PS3 back up manger and file browser, multiMAN. The update brings some changes related to the file managers and some other changes. To download and install this update, you must download the update through multiMAN from the PS3.

    04.02.02 – (File Manager related)

    * Added sort options in File Manager:
    -> SELECT+R2 changes sort order: name / date
    -> SELECT+L2 changes sort order: ascending / descending
    * Fixed overlapping of text entries in context menu in File Manager mode
    * Added function to change the font in File Manager mode by pressing [R3]
    * Exiting with {PS} button will save last state and options
    * Added custom commands to FTP (quit/restart the application and shutdown/restart the PS3)
    * Improved font rendering (faster and no more blue-tint artifacts)
    * Improved graphics rendering (no more GUI glitches)

    Via PSX-Scene