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    16GB iPhones: When did they die?


    If you started using iPhones or smartphones not long ago, you’d be extremely surprised that 16GB iPhones were the norm around half a decade ago. Nowadays, people will not even dare to buy a toaster with just 16GB of storage. But when did Apple realize that 16GB of storage was not enough for the average user?

    But before answering this question, it’s important to know that 16GB of storage was reasonable back then. However, many people accused Apple of being greedy for offering 16GB iPhones. At that time, apps did not require a ridiculous amount of storage like nowadays. Also, the iPhone camera at that time was not as sophisticated as it currently is. The video and image files were significantly smaller because the camera captured pictures and videos of lesser quality.

    So now, when did Apple realize that they could not keep up being so greedy and eliminate the 16GB iPhone models? To give credit where credit is due, Samsung eliminated the 16GB base model of their flagship device long before Apple did.

    Samsung stopped making 16GB models of their Galaxy devices, starting with the Galaxy S6, which was announced on April 2015. Apple got rid of the 16GB model a year and a half later, starting with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

    Is it worth buying a 16GB phone now?

    You might be allure to buy a 16GB iPhone at this time, but is it worth it? Absolutely not. It is no longer worth buying any 16GB iPhone or smartphone model. The most significant reason for this is that 16GB of storage will not get you anywhere.

    As mentioned before, one of the big reasons is that apps are now bigger. The other biggest downside is that the Operating System (iOS) takes significant storage. For example, when updating a 16GB iPhone to its latest iOS update possible, you will end up with around 11GB of storage left without adding any personal content or files to the phone.

    The only reason buying a 16GB iPhone might be worth it is if you plan to use it for basic tasks such as calling, texting, and occasional web browsing. Also, since they are not the latest model, you will find these great devices for a great price.

    Best 16GB iPhones you can buy

    If you have decided that a 16GB iPhone will work for you up to this date, here are the best models you should buy.

    iPhone SE (1st gen)

    iPhone SE 2016 16GB

    Since the 2016 iPhone SE was the last 16GB phone Apple released, I’d highly recommend you get this model over older 16GB models. This received more support and iOS updates than phones with the same storage capacity.

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    iPhone 6s

    The other highly recommended 16GB iPhone would be the iPhone 6s. If you’re not a fan of smaller screens, the iPhone 6s offers a regular-sized screen, and the 6s Plus has a bigger screen.

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