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    The 10 best wireless earbuds for iPhone and Android devices


    When Apple announced the iPhone 7 back in 2016, it introduced a new trend in the mobile industry: the removal of the headphone jack in all flagship phones. Google later followed this trend in its Pixel 2 flagship line. On the other hand, Samsung at first mocked Apple in a Galaxy Note 8 commercial for removing the headphone jack. Starting with the release of the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung ate its own words and removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from its flagship device in favor of Bluetooth audio devices.

    As Apple bet on it, the most appropriate technology to replace the headphone jack is Bluetooth. Now all major phone manufacturers have adopted Bluetooth as the ultimate replacement for the headphone jack.

    This also came with a huge annoyance: not being able to charge your phone while using headsets/earbuds. To avoid this issue, other than replacing your phone, the most logical action to make is to buy a pair of wireless earbuds.

    Some users are going against the wireless earbud trend and are avoiding buying Bluetooth earbuds at all costs. If you’re not like those users and have decided to buy a pair of wireless earbuds, here are the 10 best wireless earbuds you should highly consider before making a purchase.

    Beats Studio Buds

    Beats Studio earbuds

    The Beats Studio Buds are great earbuds for both Android and iPhone users. Although these earbuds are made by Apple, Apple has made them as compatible as possible to use with Android devices. These earbuds have premium features that are only found on high-end wireless earbuds. These features include Spatial audio, active noise cancellation, and even IPX4 sweat and water resistance. With these earbuds, you can expect up to eight hours of listening time.

    As the Beats Studio Buds are not just designed for iPhone users, the earbuds use USB-C charging cable which is what Android users generally have. Also, Beats has an Android app that brings native iPhone features to Android users. These features include built-in control, earbuds information like its battery level, and even the option to perform firmware updates.

    You can buy the Beats Studio Buds in a variety of colors for just $149.

    Buy From: Amazon | BeatsByDre

    SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro

    anker soundcore liberty 2 pro

    The SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro is one of the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds for those not looking to spend anywhere near $100 for a pair of earbuds. Although these earbuds aren’t that expensive, they are not cheap in quality. These earbuds are integrated with four microphones and Qualcomm cVc (clear Voice capturing) technology. These technology combinations transmit extremely clear voice data over Bluetooth.

    Just like with any premium earbuds, the SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro can play audio for 8 hours straight on a single charge. They are also IPX4 rated, meaning you don’t have to worry about sweat or any water splash on them.

    You can buy the Liberty 2 Pro for just $69 in white or black color.

    Buy From: Amazon | SoundCore

    Sony WF-1000XM4


    If you want a true pair of premium earbuds but don’t want anything to do with other brands such as Anker, Beat, or Apple, you should consider the Sony Earbuds WF 1000XM4. These earbuds are great for those who own an Android cell phone. Since these earbuds are made by Sony, an Android smartphone manufacturer, you will definitely not have any compatibility issues. Thanks to Sony’s own Integrated Processor V1, you will have one of the best noise-canceling earbuds available on the market.

    The WF 1000XM4 also has high-end features such as High-Resolution Audio Wireless LDAC. These earbuds will have one of the best sound and voice quality you’ll ever find on a pair of wireless earbuds. The earbuds can last up to eight hours on a single charge, even with noise canceling enabled. If you want to jog with these earbuds you will not have a problem with sweat as they’re IPX4 rated.

    You can buy the Sony WF1000XM4 for $228 in either white or black colors.

    Buy From: Amazon | Sony

    AirPods Pro

    Apple AirPods Pro

    Even if you are an Apple fan you should try the AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro is one of the best-designed earbuds you’ll find. If you own an iPhone, these AirPods will seamlessly integrate and connect with your phone without you even making an effort. On top of that for iPhone owners, these earbuds are packed with software-based features. For example, you can activate “Hey Siri” and use Siri to play songs, make calls, and make any request to Siri. Another great software-based feature that these earbuds have is Audio Sharing. With Audio Sharing, you can watch or listen to the same audio on two different AirPods.

    Compared to other high-end earbuds, you’ll probably be disappointed. While these are terrific pieces of premium earbuds, they only last up to 4.5 hours of listening time on a single charge. You’ll get premium features such as Transparency mode, Active Noise Cancellation, and sweat and water resistance.

    You can buy the AirPods Pro for $197.

    Buy From: Amazon | Apple

    SoundPeats H1

    SoundPeats h1 review

    Although SoundsPeats is not a mega-popular brand like Apple, Anker, or Sony, their SoundPeats H1 has been getting a great reputation as budget-friendly earbuds. The SoundPeats H1 is powered by Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth chipset which offers Active Noise Cancellation, Voice Assistant support, and Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology. These earbuds also have a great audio and voice quality for a budget-friendly earbud.

    You can buy the SoundPeats H1 for $80.

    Buy From: Amazon | SoundPeats

    Sony WF-C500

    Sony WF C500 earbuds

    If you looking for a budget-friendly earbud from a major brand, the Sony WF-C500 are the first earbuds you should look at. While Sony is often considered a manufacturer of high-end products, the electronic manufacturer also has its own pair of budget-friendly earbuds for under $100. With the Sony WF-C500, you’re not just buying a cheap pair of earbuds. You’re buying a pair of earbuds made from a company that has nearly 80 years of experience designing and manufacturing electronic devices. Because of this, you will not miss out on any major features and it’s very unlikely that you’ll get a defective unit.

    One unique feature WF-C500 offers, unlike other earbuds, is DSEE. Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) is Sony’s own developed technology that improves the audio quality of compressed audio files. On top of that, one of the most surprising aspects of these earbuds is that they can last up to ten hours of consecutive use on a single charge. When putting back on the charging case, a 10-minute charge can give you another extra hour of playtime. The earbuds are also water splashes and sweat resistant.

    You can buy the Sony WF-C500 for a price of $68 in black or white colors.

    Buy From: Amazon | Sony

    TOZO NC2

    TOZO NC2 hybrid active noise cancelling wireless earbuds

    Another pair of low-budget earbuds are the TOZO NC2. Even while being very low-budget earbuds, the TOZO NC2 can be comparable to Apple’s AirPod Pro, which you can even use as an alternative. They have the same design and have almost the same features. The NC2 sport a variety of high-end features such as Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. Another popular feature of Apple’s AirPods that is also supported on these low-budget earbuds is the play-pause feature. This feature pauses audio when you remove the earbuds from your ears and start playing it again once you put the earbuds back in your ears with its Optical Sensors Technology. Additionally, the earbuds are IPX6-rated, which means they are protected from high water pressure and heavy splashes.

    You can purchase the TOZO NC2 for just $40 in black, white, or blue color.

    Buy From: Amazon | TOZOSTORE

    Edifier NeoBuds Pro Hi-Res Earbuds

    Edifier Neobuds Pro review

    If you are trying to buy a pair of earbuds that are unique and distinguishable from your typical earbuds, then the Edifier NeoBuds Pro is the first product you should have eyes on it. You will not only get a premium-looking device, but you will also have premium audio quality in all types of ways. This is because Edifier is a company that has been in the audio industry since its establishment in the 1990s. The earbuds use LDAC and LHDC codecs to transfer high-resolution audio files over Bluetooth in an efficient manner. These earbuds are IP54-rated, which means that no amount of dust or water will get inside or damage them.

    You can buy the Edifier NeoBuds Pro for $129 in white or black color.

    Buy From: Amazon | Edifier

    AirPods 3

    AirPods  3rd generation

    If the AirPods Pro is overkill for you but you do not want to spend too much money on the AirPods Pro, then you should truly consider the AirPods 3. Apple’s third generation of AirPods is cheaper than their Pro model and it nearly has the same amount of features. This is a great buy if you do not care about Noice Cancellation or Transparency Mode. The AirPods 3 do, however, have a way better battery life than the AirPods Pro.

    You can currently buy Apple’s AirPod 3 for $149 in white.

    Buy From: Amazon | Apple

    Beats Flex wireless earphones

    beats flex wireless earphones

    Another great earbud is the Beats Flex from Apple. Although these earbuds are manufactured by Beats (owned by Apple), they work perfectly fine on Android devices. These simple earbuds will allow you to make calls, and control your music on iPhones and Android. These earphones are equipped with Apple’s W1 chip, which simplifies the pairing process to a kindergarten-kid level.

    According to the manufacturers, these earbuds should last you 12 hours each time it gets fully charged. Its also built-in Fast Fuel charge which gives you 1.5 hours of listening time from a 10-minute charge.

    You can buy these earbuds in a variety of colors for $49.

    Buy From: Amazon | BeatByDre

    Zolo Anker Liberty

    If you want a truly pair of earbuds by definition – meaning no wires hanging around your neck – then the Zolo Anker Liberty is the earbuds that you’ll definitely buy. These earbuds are very small and are very easy to set up. The earbuds are sweatproof (IPX5 Rated), so they will not get damage if you use for sports such as running or cycling. The manufacturer of these earbuds claim that the can last up to 3.5 hours per charge, which can be extended up to 48 hours with its charging case. You can obtain the Zolo Anker Liberty True for $100 in black or white.

    Buy From: Amazon | Anker Zolo

    Anker SoundBuds Slim

    Another great product from Anker is the SoundBuds Slim Bluetooth Headphone. This product brings the convenience of having a Bluetooth earpods to any Android or iPhone user that do not want to shell out more than $100 dollars for a pair of Bluetooth headphone. Amazingly, these earbuds are only $20. Don’t be fooled, just because these earbuds are insanely cheap compared to others does not mean that you’ll missed out a ton of great features. On the contrary, most features found on those expensive earbuds are found in this pair of cheap earbuds.

    You’ll be able to enjoy up 7 hours of audio with a single charge. The earbuds are also IPX5 water-resistant, meaning they won’t be damaged if you get caught in a downpour. Even though they are insanely cheap, Anker back this product with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support. You can buy this pair of earbuds for $20 on black, blue, or red.

    Buy From: Amazon | Anker

    SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

    Another decent and cheap pair of earbuds are the SENSO Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones won’t cost you $100 but they will function as if they did. They have a IPX-7 water-resistant rating. Impressively, they will last you around 8 hour of audio playback with a quick charge of only 1.5 hours. They also come with an integrated mic for communication and a control to adjust the volume of your songs or change it. These earbuds will cost you $30.

    Buy From: Amazon | Senso

    Samsung Gear IconX

    Although Samsung has not abandoned the headphone jack, the company currently develops one of the best wireless earbud you can can get on the market. Like the previously mentioned Zolo Anker Liberty, the Samsung Gear IconX is a fully cord-free earbuds. These earbuds will last you up to 7 hours of music playback on a fully charge. A 10-minute charge will keep the earbuds running for up to one hour. Another unique aspect of these earbud is that it features a built-in storage allowing you to download music in it. The device is equipped a 4GB memory, allowing you to store up to 1,000 songs in it; meaning you don’t need a cell phone to use this device. Samsung currently sells these earbuds in three different colors including black, pink, and grey for $160.

    Buy From: Amazon | Samsung

    Bragi H-1000 The Headphone

    Another great pair of wireless earbuds are the Bragi H-1000. These headphone are designed with three small buttons on the right side which allow you to easily start, stop, change the current song or move to the next/previous one with the main button. The headphone last can up to 6 hours of use, and come with a chargeable CarryCase for carrying it and extra juice. You can buy the the Bragi H-1000 The Headphone for $124.

    Buy From: Amazon | Brigi

    JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headphones

    The audio-manufacturer giant JBL are well-known in the audio industry. They have developed many type of audio devices with great built quality. The JBL Reflect Mini is another popular device from the company with great reviews from its users. The JBL Reflect Mini was designed as lightweight as possible, providing “long lasting comfort during a variety of athletic activities.” It is also built-in microphone for calls. For those that do exercises or physical activities, these earbuds won’t get damage if you sweat a lot, as they are sweat-proof and ipx-4 water-resistant. These headphones are available in five different colors for $77.

    Buy From: Amazon | JBL

    ERATO VERSE True Wireless Earphones

    If you’re in the market for those tiny earbuds, then the ERATO VERSE should be your top consideration. The ERATO VERSE offer “completely tangle-free stereo sound wherever you go without disruptive cables hindering your every move.” This earbuds also come with a single button that allow you to power on/off, take a call, play music, skip tracks, change volume or even access Siri easily by tapping, holding, or double-tapping on the button. These pair of earbuds are well-made and also offer the ability of being water-resistant with its IPX5 water and sweat-proof rating. These earbuds are available in white and black for $130.

    Buy From: Amazon | Erato

    Apple AirPods

    Even if you own an Android device, right now, the best pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds you can buy is the Apple AirPods. Because of these AirPods and Apple removing the headphone jack from its iPhone line, wireless headphone have become extremely popular. Apple, known for putting design and reliability before anything in their product, did an incredibly job with the AirPods. A highly notable feature of the AirPods is that audio automatically plays as soon as you put them in your ears and pauses when you take them out. They offer up to five hours of audio streaming on a single charge. The AirPods are available for $160.

    Buy From: Amazon | Apple