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    AirPods Pro or AirPods 3? Why the AirPods Pro is a better buy


    If you’re on the market for a new pair of AirPods, it can be tough to decide which one to buy now that Apple announced a new pair of earbuds. This decision is even harder to make due to the fact that Apple only announced the new AirPods 3 but they did not mention any news about the AirPods Pro 2.

    So if you’re an AirPods Pro user, buying the AirPods 3 is probably not a good idea because it’s unknown how long it will take Apple to announce the next generation of AirPods Pro. If you buy the AirPods 3 and Apple announces the AirPods Pro 2 within the upcoming months, you will regret buying the AirPods 3. Also, as an AirPod Pro user, you will miss the biggest feature of the AirPods Pro, which will make you feel uncomfortable every time you use the AirPods 3. Here’s why you might regret buying the AirPods 3 if you’re coming from the AirPods Pro

    AirPods Pro to AirPods 3: What you’ll lose

    If you already own a pair of AirPods Pro, then the AirPods 3 is not for you. Unlike the AirPods 3, the current AirPods Pro offers Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode. Those two features are arguably AirPods Pro’s top-selling point. The Active Noise Cancellation cancels any external noise while the Transparency Mode lets you listen to your surrounding by letting external noise in the AirPods. The Active Noise Cancellation is a must-have feature if you’re constantly in noisy environments such as in the middle of the city or using public transportation.

    Since the AirPods 3 does not support Noice Cancelation, you will also lose the rubber tips as the AirPods 3 does not use them. This can be good for some people but many others prefer the rubber tips.

    AirPods Pro to AirPods 3: What you’ll gain

    Although the AirPods Pro is superior to the AirPods 3, everything is not a loss. If somehow you downgrade from an AirPods Pro to an Airpod 3, you will actually gain an advantage: the AirPods 3 have a better battery than the AirPods Pro. Apple claims that the AirPods 3 can last up to 6 hours of constant use while the AirPods Pro can only last 4.5 hours on a single charge. The case to charge the AirPods 3 also outperforms the AirPods Pro case by 6 more hours.

    So which one to buy?

    In conclusion, if you’re an AirPods 2 user the AirPods 3 is a great buy. On the other hand, if you own an AirPods Pro, then the AirPods 3 is not for you. The target audience for the AirPods 3 are previous AirPods 2 owners.