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    DreamHost has new prices for 2022


    Thanks for choosing DreamHost. We’re here to help your business find success, and we’re excited to be your online partner. We’re continually working to build services that meet the needs of your business.

    We’re updating our pricing to help us continue to deliver the best hosting experience possible.

    Your Shared Unlimited hosting plan’s price will increase to $12.99 per month when it renews on January 28, 2022.
    The price of Shared hosting at DreamHost has remained the same for nearly a decade. Meanwhile, the growing needs of our many business customers have required that we invest in the hardware, software, and people that can help them reach their online goals.

    DreamHost 2020 new features

    • Completely redesigned your account control panel to be faster, more responsive, and more helpful
    • Launched simple WordPress website imports and made DNS management easier than ever
    • Significantly reduced the time it takes to receive a reply from our technical support team
    • Become fully bilingual to better support our
    • Spanish-speaking customers
    • Upgraded and supported new versions of WordPress within days of their release
    • Delivered the latest versions of web technologies like PHP to support the fastest web apps
    • Launched a series of Professional Services to help your business find online success

    DreamHost improvements over the years

    • Brought encryption to all of our customers with free SSL certificates from the Let’s Encrypt project
    • Increased the memory limits on Shared hosting by 50% to support the latest web apps
    • Launched support for HTTP/2 to ensure your sites are ready for the future of the web
    • Completely improved our webmail service with an all-new app and beautiful user experience

    Payment Options

    If you’d like to continue your Shared Unlimited service, you need take no action. Your hosting will renew itself automatically at the updated rate on your next renewal date, January 28, 2022.