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    How to fix “Media Player cannot start” error on Windows Media Player


    Are you having a problem playing media on Windows Media Player? If you do so, it’s probably the popular “Media Player cannot start” error that shows when a user tries to play a video or audio using Windows Media Player. Luckily, this is an error that is very easy to fix.

    If the error you are receiving says, “Media Play cannot start. Media Play does not work due to a lack of media framework.” then all we have to do is install the Media Feature Pack to fix this error.

    Install Media Feature Pack on Windows 10

    Installing the Media Feature Pack is a simple process on Windows 10. Here’s how it’s done:

    1. From the Windows taskbar, click Start> Settings> Apps> Apps & features.
    2. Now, select the Optional features option on the Apps & features page.
    3. Click on “Add a feature.”
    4. A new dialog box window will open up. In its search box, type “Media Feature Pack.”
    5. Select the Media Feature Pack and click “Install” at the bottom of the dialog window. Media Feature Pack windows 10

    After installing the Media Feature Pack, restart your computer, and everything should be done. Play a sound and a video to see if it plays out.