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    Webcam not working with Windows 10? Microsoft broke it with Windows 10 Anniversary Update


    Has your webcam stopped working after updating to Windows 10 Anniversary Update? If yes, then it’s because Microsoft internationally killed in the update. The update, which was first available on August 2nd, broke millions of webcams as reported by Microsoft-focused blog

    According to the blog, the reason millions of webcam stopped working after the update is due to Microsoft’s deprecation of MJPEG or H264 encoded streams in the update. What this means is that any webcam that encodes streams using any of those two formats will no longer work. According to Thurott’s writer Brad Sams, the only supported format for webcam video stream supported in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is YUY2 encoding.

    So why did Microsoft internationally killed MJPEG and H264 video streaming? Microsoft’s made the move of eliminating those two formats because of their poor performance caused by a new method that applications use to access USB webcams in Windows 10. Apparently, Microsoft made this decision without realizing that it would affect millions of users.

    We will not see a fix until a September update release, confirmed Mike M, a Camera engineer for Microsoft. As of now, you can fix the issue by making some changes to the registry.