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    Flappy Bird coming back to the App Store, with a warning sign


    flappy-birdIs the creator of Flappy Bird running out of money? After making $50000 a day, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen removed his game Flappy Bird from Google Play and the App Store. Nguyen announced that he was going to take down Flappy Bird in 22 hours. During those 22 hours, Flappy Bird was downloaded by 10 million people, then he removed the game. The developer stated that he deleted the game because it became too successful and couldn’t handle the fame and all the money it was generating. Still the guy never the ads from the game, so still generate money after being taken down of the App Store and Google Play.

    In an interview with Rolling Stone, Dong Nguyen revealed that he is making tens of thousands of dollars from the game. When asked if the game might return to the app stores, Nguyen said that he is “considering it.” Although a new version is not being worked on, if released again, Flappy Bird will have a warning sign saying “Please take a break.”