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    Leaked case show how huge the iPhone 6 is compared to the iPhone 5s


    iPhone 6 caseFrom all the rumors and leaks about Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 6, there’s a high chance that Apple will announced two different iPhone 6 next month. Many rumors point out that the company will announce a 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6. We’ve seen comparison between the rumored 4.7/5.5 inch iPhone 6 and the Galaxy Note 3.

    Now we have an iPhone 6 case thanks to Reddit user torytyler. The user posted images of an allegedly iPhone 6 case he received from China. The case, which he “had ordered a week ago”,  is for the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 model.

    When I checked the mail this morning I was pleasently surprised to recieve the few iPhone 6 cases I had ordered a week ago. I know that they may not be the correct dimensions, but I wanted a rough estimate on how a 5.5 inch iPhone would feel in my hands.
    The photos don’t really depict it, but if this is the correct size, which i believe it will be, this phone will be simply amazing. The case itself is very thin, and feels natural when you hold it. The power button seems to be just perfect length away from reach. Not too far, and not as close where you would accidentally trigger it.

    The also photos show how big the iPhone 6 is compared to the current iPhone 5s.

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