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    iOS Hacker Sherif Hashim Working on iPhone 4 Unlock for Baseband 2.10 and 4.11


    After failing on hist last attempted to unlock the iPhone 4 baseband back in October 2010, we haven’t heard much from iPhone baseband hacker Sherif Hashim — the guy responsible for bringing many iPhone unlocks. Many people started believing that Hashim has stopped working on finding a way to unlock the iPhone 4. That’s not true! The hacker today announced that he is still working on unlocking the iPhone 4 newer baseband including 2.10 and 4.11 as a personal challenge after failing to deliver the old unlock he found back in October 2010. This comes from a blog which he personally posted all this:

    It would be greatly appreciated NOT to post regarding iOS related issues/unlock/…etc , and for those whom are still concerned YES i am still working on the VERY TIGHT bbfw 2.10-4.11 (i m taking that personal) after my -October 2010 found- vulnerabilities failed to achieve a payload injection vector despite the huge continuos trials and work done by the legendary @MuscleNerd, the great everlasting iOS hacker and guru, keeping in mind that there was a 10 months of halt due to the Egyptian revolution 🙂 , what i meant to say is that any new achievements -IF EVER POSSIBLE- regarding this issue will be notified either by this respectable iOS hacker or by the humble myself, NO NEED to ask because it won’t make it achievable/earlier/easier. Thanks a lot for taking time to read this. sherif_hashim

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