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    Jailbroken iPhone X on iOS 11.1.1 shown on video


    It’s been a while since there has been any jailbreak-related news. This is because Apple has made it almost impossible to jailbreak iOS, they have up the OS security on each release. Vulnerabilities in iOS also have become a quick way of becoming wealthy due to security firms, and even Apple, are now paying hackers up of thousands thousands of dollars for this vulnerabilities, making it financially illogical for hackers to release jailbreaks for free to the public instead of earning that cash by selling those vulnerabilities.

    Although Apple’s iOS is incredibly secured, it still has some holes which allow smart people to find exploit and vulnerabilities for the development of a jailbreak. And this was proven on November 10 by a group of security researchers who go by the name of KEEN LAB. During a hacker and security conference organized by Korean group POC, KEEN LAB demonstrated an iPhone x completely jailbroken on iOS 11.1.1.

    The jailbreak created by the private organizer haven’t publicity announced whether they plan to release the jailbreak to the public or sell it to another private organization seeking these type of vulnerabilities.