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    PS4 finally hacked by famous iPhone hacker


    update: you can finally use PS4 controller on a PC

    iOS hacker Luca Todesco, responsible for the latest iOS jailbreak, has surprised the world unveiling that his has successfully hacked the PS4 on firmware 4.50 and 4.55. Todesco, who goes by the name of qwertyoruiop, made the announcement on his Twitter account almost a month after announcing his retirement from iOS hacking. “Just pwned PS4 4.5x,” tweeted Todesco on April 18, later posting an image confirming that his hack works on firmware 4.50 and 4.55.

    Although Todesco has not announced whether he will release the PS4 jailbreak to the public or will keep it to himself, it’s very unlikely that he will release it the public due to the way Sony handles people who release hacks for their system. Unlike Apple, Sony does not credit hackers, they sue them instead. This is what happened when the first person to hack an iPhone transferred his hacking skills to the PS3. Geohot got into a nasty legal battle after releasing a jailbreak for the PS3 a coupe years ago.

    So why hack the PS4?

    When the jailbreak was released for the PS3, many people had different reasoning on why they chose to hack it. For many people, the only reason they hacked their PS3 was for piracy: to download all the games off the internet for free. For others, it made it very easy to hack and cheat on online games. At the same time, many people also chose to hack their PS3 to download homebrew applications from third-party app stores. The same reasons can be applied for a PS4 jailbreak.

    update: you can finally use PS4 controller on a PC