Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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    Sony’s engineer tears down the new PlayStation 4 Pro (video)


    Sony loves to show the components inside their gaming systems. Back in 2013, weeks before releasing the original PS4, company’s engineer released a video tearing down the console and demonstrating each components inside the system. This year, with the release of the PS4 Pro, the company has done the same thing. Sony has uploaded a video on their official PlayStation YouTube page demonstrating one of its engineers dismantling the new PS4 Pro system.

    Keiichi Aoki, Director of Mechanical Design, starts by removing the hard disc, which is something you can do yourself. Unlike the further dismantalation he will do, removing the hard disc or replacing it does not void your warranty. Then Aoki proceeds to dismantle the system itself, which is where you will void your warranty after removing the seals. So it is no recommended opening your system past the hdd.

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