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    How to add Discover card to Digital Wallet Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

    Thanks to the invention of digital wallets, swiping your card appears like an inconvenience in these modern times. And this is because compared to...

    Wells Fargo Access Code discontinued, here’s how to get the new one

    As of April 1, 2021, Wells Fargo will discontinue its ATM Access Code feature. The ATM Access Code is a feature that allows you...

    Apple Pay to let you cash out on Bank Of America and Wells Fargo ATM

    Although one the purpose of Apple Pay is to make life easier for those that don't like carrying credit cards in their pocket, leaving...

    Apple Pay now available in UK with 250K retailers, 8 banks supporting it

    Apple Pay is now available in the United Kingdom starting today. The service is supported by more than 250,000 retailers, and eight major banks with more...

    Apple kicks PayPal out of Apple Pay for partnering with Samsung

    For Apple, is either you're with them or the enemy - just like an overprotective girlfriend. Apple Pay, a payment system for the iPhone,...