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    The cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything you’ll ever find


    In this day and age, unlike a decade ago, having an unlimited data plan is no longer a luxury. Nowadays, most critical day-to-day activities require an internet connection or an app. This ranges from filling out a job application to taking online classes. Combining this with entertainment activities such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, managing a month with a data cap plan is nearly impossible.

    Thankfully, all major and most smaller cell phone companies offer unlimited everything plans. But still, there’s a big problem with them offering unlimited plans. The problem is that although they all offer unlimited everything plans, these plans are usually very expensive for single-line and two-line users. These unlimited everything plans are only reasonably priced when there are four lines or more under one account. This is because adding a line under one account makes each line cheaper.

    A great example of this is Verizon’s most recent unlimited everything plan, the Welcome Unlimited. Verizon advertises this plan as an affordable $30 unlimited everything plan. But the reality is that this plan is not anywhere close to $30 if you are just one person or are running two lines. The plan will cost $65 for one person or $55/line when you add two lines. See? It’s not even close to the $30/line advertised price.

    Anyway, all carriers offer a variety of unlimited everything plans that might be affordable for some users. If you find yourself looking for the most affordable unlimited everything plan from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon… here’s what they’re offering.

    Cheapest unlimited everything plans

    Verizon: Welcome Unlimited

    Verizon’s current cheapest unlimited everything plan is its Welcome Unlimited Plan. The Welcome Unlimited will cost you $65 for one person or $55/line for two lines. This is what you’ll be missing on this pan compared to other, more expensive Verizon Unlimited Everything plans:

    • No personal hotspot
    • Just regular 5G connectivity, no 5G Ultra Wideband
    • No Disney+, Apple Music, Hulu, or other perks
    • No HD video streaming, video streaming limited to 480p
    • Data speeds will be slowed down if your tower is congested.

    The plan will give you:

    • 500MB of data in Mexican and Canadian territories. This data will be reduced to 2G (second generation) speeds after 0.5 GB/day.
    • Unlimited talk and text from Mexican and Canadian territories.
    • Free unlimited international texting


    On AT&T, you’ll find the cheapest unlimited everything plan is the Value Plus plan. This plan will cost you $50 for one line. Unfortunately, this is only a one-line plan, so you cannot add second or additional lines under your account. Compared to other more expensive AT&T unlimited everything plans, this is what you’ll be missing:

    • Your data will be prioritized when the network is congested.
    • No HD streaming. Streaming limited SD (480p).
    • No personal hotspot.
    • No additional lines.
    • No high-speed data in Canadian or Mexican territories.

    With the Value Plus Plan, you’ll get:

    • 5G connectivity.
    • Free unlimited international SMS texting.
    • Unlimited 2G data in Canada and Mexico.

    T-Mobile: Essentials

    The Essentials plan is the cheapest unlimited everything plan on T-Mobile. This plan will cost you $60 for one line. An Additional line will reduce the price per line to $45. The Essentials plan is inferior compared to other T-Mobile unlimited everything plans because…

    • Only has 50GB of premium data. After consuming 50GB of data, you will be deprioritized and get slower data speed in congested areas.
    • No high-speed personal hotspot.
    • No Netflix On Us, Apple TV+, or Paramount+.
    • Streaming is limited to SD (480P).

    What you’ll get with the Essentials plan:

    • Unlimited international texting.
    • Unlimited 128Kbps data (useless) while you’re in Canada or Mexico.
    • Unlimited personal hotspot at 3G speeds.

    Cheapest plan for one person

    So, in conclusion, the cheapest unlimited everything phone plan is the AT&T Value Plus plan. This is the cheapest plan at $50/line if you’re just a one-line user.

    Cheapest unlimited everything plan for 2 lines or more

    If you plan on having two persons or more under your account, the most affordable unlimited everything plan would be the T-Mobile Essential plan. With this plan, you can add two lines for $90. Adding four lines will cost you $105, which is approximately $26/line.

    On Verizon’s cheapest unlimited everything plan, these four lines would’ve cost you $30/line. With AT&T’s cheapest plan, these four lines would’ve cost you $35.