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    How to find routing, account number on Wells Fargo app and web


    It’s very important to know where you can find your bank routing and account number. Without knowing these numbers, it is impossible to do essential things such as setting up direct deposits, paying bills online, or even making a wire transfer.

    Luckily, if you use Wells Fargo as your bank, it is extremely easy to find this information on their app or through their online website. The company also recently redesigned its mobile app and made it even easier to find accounts and routing numbers. When the bank shows you your routing number, it usually also shows your account number next to it. Because of this, you won’t have to be looking for this information on another page or setting.

    Find routing number, account number on Wells Fargo app

    The easiest way of finding your bank routing or account number is by using the Wells Fargo mobile.

    1. Download the Wells Fargo mobile app for Android or iOS (iPhone) if you don’t have it.
    2. Resgister for online banking with them if you still haven’t created a Wells Fargo online banking account.
    3. Through the app, login into your Wells Fargo bank account.
    4. Select the accoutn on which you would like to find your routing and accoutn number (e.g, Everyday Checking, Way2Save).
    5. Tap Routing & Details. Next to Account number, tap the “View” option. This option will display your account number and below your account number should be your routing numbers.

    Find Wells Fargo routing number, account number online

    If you’d rather not use the Wells Fargo mobile app, you can accomplish the same thing by logging into your Wells Fargo bank account on a computer web browser or any device’s web browser.

    1. On your computer’s web browser, head to and login into your account.
    2. Under Account Summary, select the account on which you’d like to obtain the information off.
    3. From there, just hover over Account or Routing Numbers and click on it to display the complete numbers.

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