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    Xbox creator explains why the logo was green, not because devs were stoners


    Logos are a small part of any company or device, but are one of the most expensive thing you see on them. Often logos are even created by a huge team, expending hours upon hours until they find the most suited design. This was not the case with the logo found in the original Xbox brand. Talking to IGN, Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley gives an explanation on why the original Xbox brand has green all over it. Not surprisingly, it was not because the Xbox developers were potheads like Twitter developers, but because all markers were stolen from the designers and only the green marker was left out as Blackley explains:

    A guy called Horace Luke, when we had to have a logo for a meeting or something, he had one of those awesome sets of markers with the paint tips, and so everybody immediately stole all of them. The only color he had left was like the green nobody wanted, and so we made all this artist stuff with green and now it’s like still green. And I find that bizarre. I mean, can you imagine? It’s like Horace and the green marker and now, you know, on buses in foreign countries. What? That’s crazy!

    Thankfully, it worked for Microsoft. The logo did not have any effect on the amount of games the console received.

    (Via TechnoBuffalo)