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    How to turn on YouTube Dark Mode on PC, iPhone, and Android


    When YouTube first rolled out its Dark mode theme back in 2018, it was very tricky to activate it. And once you had activated it, it could disappear at any moment. Thankfully, those bugs are now gone after many updates and changes to YouTube on mobile and on desktop. Now it’s very easy to activate the YouTube night mode theme on any device including iOS, Android, or desktop web browser.

    YouTube Dark Mode on PC

    1. On YouTube’s website, click your profile picture (or 3 vertical dots for Settings if you’re not logged in)
    2. Scroll down to the Appearance¬†option, and select Dark theme from the list of options which includes “Use device theme,”¬†Dark theme, and Light theme.

    That’s it. The same procedures should be followed if you have a Mac. If you choose the “Use device theme,” it will match the dark mode settings from your computer.

    YouTube Dark Mode on iPhone, iPad

    If you want to enable Dark Mode on iPhone or iPad, it’s even simpler…

    1. Launch the YouTube app.
    2. Click your profile picture and scroll down to Settings.
    3. In Settings, just toggle on the Dark theme option.

    Activate YouTube Dark Mode on Android

    1. Go to your Settings> General > Appearance
    2. Click Dark theme, or “Use device theme” to match the YouTube theme with the dark mode set up of your device’s settings.

    This only applies to fix an older bug of when YouTube first rolled out Dark mode on desktop:

    Even though YouTube has had a ton of improvements in the past years, I consider the dark theme to be on the list of one of its most visually appealing improvements of all time. Recently, after deleting all my web browser content (cookies, cache, etc), I quickly noticed that I lost the dark theme once I visited YouTube for the first time. “Not a big deal,” I promptly thought. I thought that to get the dark theme back, all I had to do was to click my profile and then toggle on the dark theme option. I was very wrong. Once I clicked my profile, there was no option to turn on the dark theme; the dark theme option appeared to be missing. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to get this option back.

    To get the dark theme, first, you have to browse a special YouTube link to have the new YouTube material redesign activated to your account. The dark theme comes with the redesigned YouTube. To do this, first, navigate to and then click the option that says “GO TO YOUTUBE.” After you’ve done this, simply click your profile and toggle on the “Dark theme” option.