Xbox One ConsoleThe Xbox One was not well received when Microsoft announced its DRM system back in June. Microsoft made an announcement in June revealing that the Xbox One will not play games unless it gets plugged to the internet at least once every 24 hours. This decision made many people loose interest in the Xbox One and switch to the PS4. After seeing how much hate the Xbox One was receiving because of that decision, Microsoft made another announcement announcing that they have removed the 24-hour verification and regional restrictions DRM from the One. Many people still believe the PS4 is a better choice, but that’s not true if you care about entertainment and not just playing games on your system; here’s why…

The Xbox One will play audio CD and MP3 files

Future owners of next-gen console going with the PS4 won’t be able to enjoy their audio CDs lying around. Those MP3 songs you bought somewhere else or downloaded off the internet will not work on the PS4. On the other hand, the Xbox One will play audio CDs and MP3 files just fine. MP3 file, however, will have to be streamed from a Windows PC or Windows phone.

Xbox One lets you stream media from Windows PCs

The Xbox One is a Play To device. You will be able to easily stream videos, music, and photos from your Windows PC to your Xbox One. So if you constantly stream your media from your computer to your devices, then the Xbox One is for you – the PS4 will not stream media as Sony confirmed in their PlayStation 4 FAQ.


Since Microsoft is a software company, it looks like the Xbox One will also have the best OS. One ability the Xbox One’s OS will have is multitask unlike any other console. Just like a PC gamer would do on his PC, with the Xbox One you’ll be able to pause a game, go to the dashboard, an app or another game and return to game as you left it on pause. You can also do many things simultaneously like playing games and watching TV at the same time or chat while playing.

Kinect 2

Kinect 2 is not a typical camera. Kinect 2 is part of the Xbox One, that why it’s bundled with the console. The camera can be used as a controller. You can negative using hands gestures. The Kinect 2 camera is also a powerful voice command. You can turn on the Xbox One by just saying “Xbox on”.