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    4 Huge problems Spotify needs to fix ASAP


    When speaking about music streaming services, Spotify always comes up in first place and as one of everybody favorite service. Even when competing with giant tech companies like Google and Apple, Spotify is still the music service with most subscribers. Its success is well-deserved because, overall, Spotify is better than Google Play Music And Apple Music. It has a better-designed app and their app is available in any electronic device you can think of.

    Now, even though the app is arguably the best music app, is doesn’t mean it’s perfect and does not have any type of issues. The Spotify app, and the way the app works, is plagued with issues and limitations. Some of these issues are not a big deal for some of their users, but others are. Anyway, if you’re considering paying for a Spotify subscription, you should be aware of these issues before trying the service out.

    10000 songs limit

    This is one of those issue that are not a big deal for some users but is major turn off for others. Currently, Spotify has a 10k song limit on your music library; you cannot add more than 10000 songs to your library. There’s a way around this issue, but many users don’t feel comfortable and feel they should not have¬†resort to workarounds in order to have more than 10k songs added to their library. The workaround for this particular issue is to create a new playlist and add your newer songs to that playlist. In that new playlist, you can save up to 10k additional songs in it.

    3,333 songs per device download limit

    Got a 256GB phone and thinking about filling it up with songs from your newly acquired Spotify premium account? Nope. Won’t happen. Spotify imposes a limit to the amount of songs you can download to your device for offline listening. This is one of the most annoying problem with Spotify. Spotify currently impose a limit of¬†3,333 songs per device, on up to three different devices. After you hit that limit, you won’t be able to download songs from Spotify to your device local storage, leaving you only with the streaming option and forcing you to waste your precious data.

    Horrible shuffle algorithm

    Another bad aspect of Spotify is that its shuffle algorithm is pretty bad. If shuffle is a feature that you constantly use when listening to music, then Spotify will be a major turn off for you. The major problem with Spotify’s shuffle algorithm is that you’ll soon realize that Spotify is does a horrible job at randomizing songs no matter how many songs you have in your playlist. As time goes by, you’ll feel like Spotify picks the same songs every time you press the shuffle button; sometimes so bad that you can even guess which song will be played next.

    Poorly implemented local files system

    This is another huge deal breaker for many users. If you have songs that are not available in Spotify’s catalog and would like to import it to your Spotify music library, Spotify lets you do this. The problem is the way it’s implemented. To do this, it’s a hit or miss and doesn’t even work most of the time. After adding local songs to your Spotify music library, when you least expect it, the song will randomly disappear, not get imported at all, or get imported with bad metadata.

    In conclusion, even with all those problems Spotify is a great music app. But in my opinion, those are serious issues that Spotify developers need to stop ignoring.