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    Apple Engineer Employee Caught Using iPhone 5 [Picture]


    Apple Engineer Employee Caught Using iPhone 5 [Picture]

    The picture you see above is of a supposedly iPhone 5, or just the next iPhone, that was caught on camera while an Apple employee was testing it. This image was sent by a tipster to 9to5mac who believed it was an iPhone 5 but the picture he took “didn’t do it justice”.

    What make this story more believable is that the tipster is very familiar with Apple products, he is not just a noob who has never touch an iPhone 4 and owned an iPhone 2G. The tipster currently owns an iPhone 4 and previously had an iPhone 3GS, so he knows the devices very well.

    The tipster described the iPhone as similar to the Evo screen size, which means the iPhone 5 may have a bigger screen.  He also said it’s thinner and wider than the current iPhone 4. The edges of the device also appears to be rounded metal and could function as an antenna. And the back of the device is curved  and most likely made out of glass. Unfortunately, the tipster was not able to see the home button and could not see if is still there or if it has been redesigned.

    This another picture showing the man holding the iPhone 5, he was trying to cover the Apple logo and expecting nobody to see him using the iPhone 5.