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    Google to let users partly download Android apps for free (report)


    Android Google Play 1It no mystery that Android folks don’t spend as much money as iOS users when it comes to mobile applications. Since Android is free to smartphone and tablet manufacturers, Google does not make money directly based on how many devices each manufacturers sell. Instead, Google’s main way of generating revenue through Android devices is by getting their cut from developers each time an Android user buy an app from the Google Play app store.

    To improve their Google Play revenue, Google is reportedly working on adding an option to that will allow Android users to download any app without completely downloading the app to their device, reports The Information. This option will save time and data usage for people who would like to try the app before purchasing it. But how Google will make money by giving a free trial of an app? Well, they motive is to get you hooked up to the app then obligating you to pay for it once you fall in love with it.